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Realtor Signs: Do You Really Save Buying Online?

We sell a lot of signs at Kona Impact. Just last week we made the following

  • 200 sq ft of foam core (rigid back) signs for a large gathering for a hotel in Waikoloa
  • 20-some real estate riders
  • 20-some realtor signs: “for sale” and “open house”
  • several hundred square feet of banner for school and resort
  • Cut vinyl for a store, a boat and two vehicles
  • Printed graphics for a work van
  • Some posters ….and more!

We go by “a reasonable profit” when we price things. That is, we never want to lose money on a project, though we occasionally do, but we also don’t want to be at a price point that is absurdly high. We want our customers to see good value in what we make, and we want to see them again and again.

I decided to see how price-competitive we are with realtor signs. They are 24″ x 18″, printed on vinyl, laminated and them adhered to aluminum. They are a standard product, so quality really does not vary by vendor.

We charge $75 for just a few and, if ordered in bulk, we go to $65/sign.

I just looked online for the same product. I choose one of the first companies, which I found at the top of the Google search results.


Here is the price quote, with five shipping tiers (Super Saver to Rush). The Total shows the same product we sell for $75 at $77.31 with Super Saver shipping to Hawaii the price doubles. The sign would arrive in two to two-and-a-half weeks and would cost $148.95! If I want one in one business day, it would cost $215.95, three times what we charge.

Our turn around time is a day! So, the direct apples-to-apples comparison (same product, same quality, same turn around time) is $75 for Kona Impact or $215.95 for buying online.

So, the next time you are going to buy anything online, check your local supplier. You might just find that you can get the same product much quicker locally.


Five Tips for New Entrepreneurs in Kona, Hawaii

As the economy improves, a lot of people are thinking about starting new businesses or extending the reach of their current business. We probably meet at least ten new entrepreneurs at Kona Impact each month. Some have an old idea with a new twist while others are looking to create a new category of business in Kona online.

We are excited to see this increased level of new businesses in Kona for a few reasons: 1) we love to see people become owners of their own business. This is where wealth and jobs are created, 2) new businesses expand the range of products and services available in our rather isolated island in the Pacific, and 3) Small businesses are what keep Kona Impact alive!

After working with hundreds of small businesses in Hawaii, we have learned a lot about what an entrepreneur needs to do in order to succeed. Here are five:

  1. Get honest and direct feedback about your idea from people other than your family or friends. If you have an idea that is something we don’t have in Kona, you might be able to create a new category and do very well. That said, there might be very good reasons why nobody has done what you want to do before. You might be a genius, or you might be foolish. If others have failed at what you want to do, how will you be different? Do a lot of market research!
  2. Make a business plan. I highly recommend that new entrepreneurs contact the Small Business Development Center, a free and unbiased resource for business planning with offices in Kailua-Kona and Hilo. A few months of planning might save you years of wasted money and efforts.
  3. Get a good grasp of business law and accounting. Read at least one book on business law and one on business accounting. It’s not the most enjoyable way to spend a weekend, but you’ll be glad you understand the basics of contracts, employment law, incorporation, debits, credits and the reporting laws for Hawaii and the IRS. You can do a lot yourself, but if you’re uncertain seek out an attorney and an accountant.
  4. Immerse yourself in the business community. Join the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, a business networking group or a service group like Rotary. The connections you make in these groups will provide invaluable support, mentoring and, perhaps, your first customers.
  5. Be prepared to go “all in”. By this I mean that you need to devote a huge amount of energy to your business, and that time has to come from your current schedule. When you see cars parked outside of office buildings on Saturday mornings, those are likely to be the business owners. Likewise, the first car in the lot and last one to leave is usually the owner. Be prepared to give up time doing hobbies, working in your garden or on your car. Say goodbye to hanging out as much as you do now: successful entrepreneurship requires work, a lot of work. If you’re not up for these sacrifices, you might not want to begin.

luck is not a strategy

There is nothing we enjoy more at Kona Impact than seeing someone take a great idea and make a business that supports his or her family.

Kona Impact | 329-6077

Results Matter! Getting Out of the Online Marketing Echo Chamber

Spend any amount of time researching online marketing online and you’ll soon start hearing an echo, actually a cacophony of echoes. This is because many companies just repeat the same old information again and again. They read something on a forum or on another website, take the information as fact, and then repeat it in their blog or newsletter.

Some of the information is good, relevant ways to grow a business online. Much of it is just repeating information from other sources.

What matters the most when choosing an online marketing company?

Results. That’s it!

Not price, as any company with good results is worth the price (within reason).

Not a lot of talk. That’s cheap and not worth very much.

At Kona Impact we are confident our results can outshine that of most companies people perceive as our competitors.

Here are three questions to ask any design, marketing or consulting company:

  1. What are five keywords/phrases you associate with your services or products? For example, it might be “taxi service,” “Kona airport taxi,” “airport shuttle,” “escorted island tours,” and “Kailua Kona taxi”
  2. What is your Google or Bing ranking for those keyword/phrases?

If a business can’t answer questions #1, find a new provider. If a company can’t answer #2, find a new provider. If the answer to the second questions is not, “we are in the top five positions for local search,” find a new provider.

Kona Impact is happy to show you our results for these two questions. In fact, we can be found in the top five places on Google, Bing and Yahoo for over fifty our targeting keywords/phrases!


The two questions above are the most fundamental aspects of online marketing. No matter how much talk or fancy brochures a design, marketing or consulting business has, understanding the nature of keywords and how to rank for them online is what separates a results-oriented marketing company and one that is just part of the great internet echo chamber.

Kona Impact works primarily with businesses on Hawaii Island, mostly companies in Waimea, Waikoloa, Kailua-Kona and South Kona. If you would like to “talk story” and see how we can help your business grow, give us a call at 808-329-6077.

Mobile Websites for Business in Kona, Hawaii

There has been a tremendous shift in how people are accessing online data. It used to be solely notebook and desktop computers. Now, however, people are just as likely to use their smart phone, including Android and iPhones to look for information and services.

Most websites are designed for full-size screens. That’s the reality of website design: what you would do for a large monitor website is not what you would want for a phone.

A mobile website needs to have information re-formatted and have prominent call and location navigation items. Extraneous information does not need to be on a mobile site, as the users are generally looking for phone number, basic product listing and locations.

Kona Impact has launched two new mobile website lately: ours and for Sea Paradise.

So far, we have seen a notable amount of calls from phones using the “Call Today!” button and a lot of people looking for locations using the prominent “Find Us” button. We are confident that these mobile sites will meet the needs of users.

Kona Impact's Mobile Website

Kona Impact’s Mobile Website


See-through Window Vinyl – A Top Seller

See-through window vinyl is one of our favorite materials. The vinyl is perforated, with 50% vinyl and 50% holes. This allows the material, when looking from inside an office or car, to be see-through, almost like looking through a window with no covering. From the outside, the material can have graphics, phone numbers or just about anything printed on it.

This is a great material for storefront, office and vehicle windows. It’s relatively costly compared to solid vinyl, but all of our clients who have it love it. If your are interested, give us a call at 329-6077! Initial consultations are always free.

see through window vinyl

See through window covering



Completed Project: Hawaii Best Mac Nuts

Hawaii Island is blessed with an abundance of nature’s goodness. From the old days of the pineapple plantations to the world-famous Kona coffee, Hawaii Island is a great place to grow things. Year-round sunshine and many micro-climates (rainforest, high mountain dessert, l0w-lying arid zones and everything in between). We even get snow–at least for a few weeks a year–on top of some of our volcanoes.

Hawaii’s Best Mac Nuts is located in the Puna district of the island, an area well-known for abundant rain fall, good soil and ideal conditions for many crops. They have focused on the pet food market. Macaws, and a lot of other birds, love to crack open mac nuts and eat the tasty center. They also sell mac nut crackers for those who want to buy raw bulk mac nuts. These are a popular health food staple.

Kona Impact has been working with the owners for the past few months on their website and their online visibility. We do not exaggerate when saying that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are committed to quality, customer service and growing their business with sound online marketing practices and expectations. We are excited to see them reach their goals.

We encourage you to visit their new website and explore their products.

Hawaii's Best Mac Nuts

Hawaii’s Best Mac Nuts

Kona Impact Prints Big Stuff

Need a ginormous poster, banner or sign? We can help!

Kona Impact has been making large signs, banners and posters for years. We can do up to 51 inches in one dimension and up to 150′ (yes, that’s feet!) for the other dimension. So, for example, if you want a 4′ x 6′ banner, we can do that! If you want a 4′ x 8′ sign, we can do that. Need a gigantic poster? We can do that!

Here’s a banner we recently outputted for a clothing company in Quebec, Canada. They needed a banner for a spa in Hawaii, but realized their shipping costs from Canada would exceed the cost to have the banner outputted in Hawaii. They gave us a call, sent the file and their banner was delivered to the spa in a few days–all at lower cost than they could do from Canada.

Kona Impact's large format printing

If you have a file you need outputted in Hawaii, or if you need us to create a design for you, give us a call at 808-329-6077 or send email to brian at kona (remove spaces)

Project Completed: Find Coaches

Kona Impact is proud to see the launch of Find Coaches. This website is a directory website for coaches–not the traditional type of “coach”-soccer, baseball, etc–but a new and rapidly growing field of personal coaching. This includes Life, Business, Wellness, ADHD, Retirement and many more avenues of personal coaching. These coaches are for people who want to achieve more, get focused and make changes in their lives.

The Find Coaches website is one of the most complex websites we have made. It’s a full e-commerce website with membership levels and recurring billing. So, for example, a visitor to the website can sign up for a membership level and be billed on a monthly, recurring basis. It was no easy task, and we do admit to outsourcing some of the programming, but the result is a website that is easy to use and an excellent marketing tool for coaches.

If you are a coach, you can sign up on the website for a free listing, or you can get two months free on our paid listings.

Find Coaches

Paying with Your Time

Everything has a cost.

This, most would agree, is a fundamental truism in business. The cost might be in capital (money), time (labor, money) or in opportunity cost (the cost of choosing one course of action over another).

Paying with capital is fairly straightforward. The cost of a new printer, for example, is $XXX.XX. But, now add the cost of installing and training people to use the printer and the cost goes up. Now, imaging you purchase an unreliable printer or one that has high toner costs, instead of one that was more reliable and has lower toner costs. Now, the cost of the new printer has suddenly gone up substantially.

Now, consider the cost of making a website. If you hire a company like Kona Impact, your money costs are clear when you begin. We give you a price quote and that is your costs (as long as the project does not change after we begin). You also have some time costs preparing the content, meeting with us and providing feedback. As professionals who have worked on hundreds of websites, you can be reasonably assured that your website will be completed expediently and with high quality.

If you decide to make your own website, which is something many people do because they think they are saving money, your costs will mostly be your time and opportunity costs. Your time includes researching what is optimal for your business, figuring out how to do it (how to make a website) and making the website. There are, of course, many templates and online software systems you can rent (you never own them), and with some focus and patience, you can come up with a website. Add this time to your cost.

The bigger costs is the opportunities you’ll miss. The look of  a website is only part of what makes a website successful.The appearance is not, however, what is going to help you be found online. Knowledge of content creation, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are key here. If you don’t have a good understanding of these issues, and the choices that come from this understanding, you will have a huge opportunity cost–your website will not be found!

We always tell clients that sure, we could fix our own refrigerator or dishwasher if we took the time to get a manual, read it, and acquire the tools and know-how to use them. It might take tens of hours to do this. This time might result in a fixed appliance, or it may not. The fix might be substandard. It might not. Or, we say, we could call the repair person and pay him to get it fixed in an hour or so. Would the cost of doing it ourselves be less? For certain, the total costs would be much more!

We always encourage business owners to look at the total costs: how much would they spend in money, time and opportunity costs?  We believe that having a professional website design company do the work will result in lower overall costs and much better long-term results. If you agree, or if you just want to explore the options, give us a call at 320-6077.

Project Completed: Kona Personal Trainer

One of the great things about living in Kona, Hawaii is the instant access we have to recreational activities. A beach is seldom more than ten minutes away and we have hundreds of a miles of wide-shouldered roads for cyclists. And, of course, we have awesome weather year-round.

In about a month, we’ll have the top athletes in the world in Kona for the Ironman World Championships, a grueling 3.2 mile swim, 120 bike ride and full marathon–all in one day.

Kona Impact recently completed a website for a Kona personal trainer who is well-qualified to provide training services to this complete range of athletes–from the visiting triathlete to the those looking to get started on a pathway to better fitness and health. After spending many hours with Rick building his website and “talking story” about what he does, we would recommend him, without reservation, as a personal trainer.

Rick’s website is based on what we call the “best of both worlds” design. Content that is relatively stagnant–his home page, services and testimonials–and content that he’ll be changing often–his blog. The best part of this site is that Rick is able to edit and make changes to all of the text and photos (with a few exceptions) on his own.