How to determine if an online review is fake

It can be challenging to determine if a review is fake. It’s often not online, but many things don’t seem to indicate the review is genuine or fake. The consequences of fake reviews can be significant for a business, which is why every business needs to encourage genuine reviews, which will quickly push a fake […]

How NOT to be Known as a Scammy Business

Having a good reputation in the Kona, Hawaii, community is essential for the growth and sustainability of our business. Other businesses do what we do, so if we became known as a company that took advantage of customers, we would be in business for only a short time. There are, of course, what I call […]

How to deal with fake online reviews

Kona Impact has recently been attacked online by a neighboring business, most notably by posting fake negative reviews about our business online. Our stance is that we welcome honest and direct communication from our customers–positive or negative. We have no problem with truthful criticism, but slander is, well, slander and uncalled for in the business […]

Workplace efficiency

Five Beginning-of-the-Year Tasks for Small Businesses

As we begin 2024, it’s time to focus on some of the basics for small businesses. We often neglect these things, especially when a business is doing well. They will, however, help ensure a prosperous future.  Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe Email is a significant time suck for most businesses. One estimate is that we spend about […]

What is the best sign shop in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii?

This is admittedly a self-serving article. Kona Impact is a sign shop in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and we, of course, think we’re pretty darn good, if not the best overall sign shop in town. Here’s why: In the end, your choice of sign provider in Hawaii is a choice that can be based on any number […]

Fast turnaround times for sign and print projects

Fast turnaround for signs and printed materials One of our superpowers at Kona Impact is a quick turnaround for projects. We have the following conversation weekly: Caller: How long does it take to make a banner?Kona Impact: Usually a day.Caller: What? The last place I called said two weeks!Kona Impact: They are probably outsourcing the […]

Kona Impact Donates 80 Backpacks to Local Keiki

As a business owner, I can never ask my employees to do something without the proper tools. I am adamant about ensuring we have everything necessary to get our work done efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, many of our local keiki (children) are sent to school daily without the necessary tools to succeed. It may be […]

What can the Grateful Dead teach us about business?

The most recent iteration of the Grateful Dead, Dead and Company, will cease to exist in its current iteration. Never say never, but this appears to be the end. The entity that’s the Dead has been making music for 58 years, despite the death of Jerry Garcia, their lead guitarist, in 1995, as well as […]