Self Standing

Self-standing signs in Kona, Hawaii can be a little tricky. Due to the abundance of lava on or below the surface, it can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to dig holes for signs. For many lot signs(such as “For Sale” signs, or variance application signs), we create a self-standing structure that allows the sign to be easily installed or removed.

We also make semi-permanent signs where we would make post holes and pour in cement to create stable posts for the signs. 

We make our exterior self-standing signs out of all construction-grade materials: painted and pressure-treated wood, ½” PVC sign substrates and stainless steel hardware. Also, the printed and laminated vinyl are of the highest quality. 

We say every sign has a life, and the factors which prolong or decrease the usage life of a sign includes orientation toward the sun, where south facing signs receive the most harmful UV rays and north facing signs receive the least. Exposure to heavy and consistent winds also decreases the life of a sign.

Kona Impact has made self-standing signs for:

  • Construction sites
  • Model homes
  • Variance applications
  • “For Sale” signs
  • Subdivision maps

How much does a self-standing sign cost?
The variables are:

  1. Type of sign
  2. Size of the sign
  3. Single-sided or double-sided
  4. Design – Will you provide a print-ready PDF file or will Kona Impact make the design
  5. Installation

We are happy to provide complete sign quotes. Call us with your project’s specifics and we’ll be happy to get you a price quote.

Do you need installation?
For self-standing lot signs, we are happy to deliver and put together the sign.(Note: We make no representations about conformance to the county’s sign code requirements. Those are the buyer’s responsibility.)