Cut Vinyl

Cut vinyl is one of the most popular products at Kona Impact. For most people, cut vinyl means stickers or decals. 

Cut vinyl is an ideal material for printing store hours(on windows), for PUC numbers on delivery and other service trucks, and also for smaller single-colored stickers. Kona Impact has the largest variety of in-stock vinyl on the Island of Hawaii(over 30 different colors). This means that most cut vinyl can be done very quickly, usually in a day or two.

What are advantages of cut vinyl?

  • Long-lasting and resistant to fading
  • 30 or more available colors
  • Great for single-color graphics applied on boats and vehicles
  • Adheres very well to metal and glass
  • Quick turn-around at Kona Impact

Why you might not want cut vinyl in Hawaii?

  • Single color only (We do offer printed and cut vinyl. See here for more details.)
  • Limited to 22” height (no limit lengthwise)
  • Professional installation might be necessary for larger and more complex graphics

What are some of the uses for cut vinyl?

  • Small, single-colored logo lettering
  • Vehicle PUC numbers, or any single-colored graphics on vehicles
  • Store hours and names on entrance doors
  • Company names and unit numbers on directory signs
  • Canoe, boat and paddle graphics
  • General window graphics

How much do cut vinyl stickers cost?
These are some of the most difficult items to price. Here are the variables:

  1. Is there an existing file that is ready for cutting? 
  2. Is there any setup time on Kona Impact’s part?
  3. Size?
  4. How complex is the graphic being printed? (A snowflake would be more expensive than a simple text due to the time it would take to weed[removing unwanted material] and to tape. Complex and small graphics are more expensive than simple and large graphics due to the production time required.)
  5. Is the material in stock or requires special ordering?
  6. Need installation? 

What if I want 50 or 100 of the same logo? Do you have volume discounts?
Yes! Give us a call!

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