A-frame signs are very popular in Kona, Hawaii. You can see them used for open houses, Sunday services, information signs for office locations and signs giving directions to many stores. Kona Impact make several amount of these types of A-frame signs every year.

There are several variations of what we call an A-Frame sign:

  1. Large plastic A-Frame signs with 24” x 36” panels
  2. Smaller 24” x 18” plastic A-Frames with double panels
  3. Smaller 24” x 18” PVC A-Frame with single panel
  4. “Homemade” A-Frame; we supply two 24” x 18” panels, where the customer makes the frame

How much do A-frame signs cost?
The variables are:

  1. Type of A-Frame
  2. Design; Will the customer provide a print-ready PDF file or will Kona Impact do the design work?
  3. Number of panels (almost all panels, unless requested, are made of coroplast)

What if I need several signs? Do you have multiple-item discounts?
Yes, give us a call.

Do you sell the frames only (and not the sign)?
No, we only sell finished signs.