Gatorboard is the name of a light-weight rigid material that is ideal for posterboards and displays. Like foam core it’s width is ¼”, but is considered superior to foam core because of it’s rigidity.

Kona Impact usually keeps several hundred square feet of gatorboard in stock, so we are able to have gatorboard displays ready for same day or next day production. We only have stock for black gatorboards.

What are the advantages of gatorboard?

  • Rigid
  • Will maintain rigidity over time
  • Light-weight
  • Can be cut to any size
  • Maximum size is 8’ x 4’
  • Always in stock at Kona Impact!

Why might you not want to use gatorboard in Hawaii?

  • Relatively more expensive than foam core
  • Recommended for indoor use only

What are some of the uses for gatorboard?

  • In-store wall displays
  • Informational displays
  • Map and directional displays
  • Displays for conference and scientific presentations
  • Lobby displays

How much does foam core cost?
Gatorboard displays are usually $15/sq ft with artwork supplied by the client. Art and setup charges for Kona Impact created designs are considered separately from the production cost.

What if I need a large volume of gatorboard displays? Do you offer volume discounts?
Absolutely! Give us a call to discuss.(Note: Our Hawaii-based supplier of gatorboard can, at times, have limited supplies, so if you anticipate needing a large amount of gatorboard(more than a few hundred square feet), advanced planning is recommended.


Do you sell the material unprinted?
No, we do not sell raw materials.