Kona Impact has made hundreds of vehicle magnets over the years. We use an industry-leading magnetic material and then apply printed and laminated vinyl to it to create vehicle magnets that are not only strong, but also great-looking.

What are some of the advantages of magnetic material?

  • Great for removable graphics for service and fleet vehicles
  • Can have any graphics printed on them
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to cut or printed vinyl
  • Can be as large as 2’ x 4’
  • Always in stock at Kona Impact = Fast turnaround

Why might you not want to use magnetic material in Hawaii?

  • Less useful life than vinyl adhered directly onto vehicle
  • Need to be cleaned and repositioned periodically

What are some of the uses of vehicle magnets?

  • Great for dual-usage vehicles(vehicle used personally and for also work)
  • A popular option for temporary usage
  • Can be made in any custom size up to 2’ x 4’

How much do vehicle magnets cost?
For a set of two magnets that are 24” x 12” (our most popular size), they are around $100. This cost includes basic setup, such as placement of logos and texts.

What if we have a fleet of vehicles? Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes, Give us a call.