Building Signs in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

40 inch round sign

Kona Impact has made hundreds of Kona’s business signs!

There are many options for windows and building signs. They include:

See-through windows – This is a great way to make your windows advertise your businesses without obscuring your view outside. The vinyl is perforated with small holes that allow one to look out the window—almost like there is nothing on the window—while having a printed design on the street-facing side.

Cut-vinyl – Great for hours of operation, the name of the business, or contact information. We love to do business windows and doors because these are high-impact and eye-catching ways to guide and attract new customers.

surfboard wrap

Building-mounted signs – We have many options for signs mounted outside or inside a building. For outside business signs in Hawaii, we love to use aluminum and different types of PVC. These ensure durability and make a great investment for your business in Hawaii.

Note: We make no representations about compliance or non-compliance with the County of Hawaii sign code, or approval by building owners. Those are the responsibility of the buyer. We do not make or install signs that have an electrical component. We have height limitations (due to our insurance).