General Business Printing Solutions in Kona, Hawaii

One of the big challenges for many businesses when it comes to printing in Kona, Hawaii is finding a reliable supplier that can get jobs done professionally, in a reasonable amount of time, and at a reasonable cost.

We offer same day and next day service on wide-format printing (banner, posters, foam core, signs) and same and next day service on black and white and color copies.

Smart businesses know that the do-it-yourself routine is very expensive, especially when you consider total employee costs and the high probability that the print job may not be set up correctly and result in time and cost problems.

We at Kona Impact have decades of experience designing and printing material. We can ensure that your print job is done quickly at cost that is much less expensive than other providers. We do this by developing reseller relationships with Mainland printers and passing the cost savings on to our clients. If you add to our low prices the savings a business can realize by having someone else design, set up and manage print projects, you’ll see the a huge value in choosing Kona Impact.

  • Brochures
  • Rack Cards
  • Sell Sheets
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Letterhead
  • Door Hangers
  • Specialty Paper
  • Irregular Size Printing
  • Table Toppers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Kona Impact?

This is a good, reasonable question. If all you want is some inexpensive business cards based on a template that might have been used by thousands of others, go online and do so. 

Kona Impact offers professional design and printing services. We make you look good and give you a custom professional design. Our print prices are often less than you would pay, because of our trade relationships with mainland printers.

When you do-it-yourself, you will spend your time, have a template-based product, and, if you make a mistake, you accept all the risk and cost.

 Can I design my rack card, or brochure, etc. online and then have you print it?

Probably not. Most of the online design systems will not give you a high-quality, print-ready file. This makes sense, of course, because they are providing “free” design only if you use them for printing.

Another is, in addition to quality, is ownership. When you use a template system, you do not own the design. You don’t own the graphics. This is true for template websites, You are breaking copyright law by using “web found” graphics.

Why can’t you use an image or my logo from my website?

Almost all online images are very low in quality. For example, most web graphics are 72 dpi (dots per inch). The standard for high-quality printing is 300 dpi, over four times that which you will find online.

There are a lot of things we can do, but they do require graphic design time. We might suggest replacing images or re-designing a project. It might make sense to spend some time converting your low-quality logo to a high-quality one.

We want the same thing you want: a great looking print product and in order to do that, we need to work with high-quality files.

At Kona Impact, we take copyright issues very seriously. Any image or logo that you “found on the internet,” even if is high quality, is not something we can reproduce. If you did not make it or buy it, we cannot reproduce it under most circumstances.