Foam Core

Kona Impact is the king of foam core on Hawaii Island! We make more than a thousand square feet of foam core boards over the year, for every purpose from in-store and conference displays to large full-coverage wall displays for events such as the Ironman World Championships.

Foam core is the light-weighted ¼” material that is often used for short term displays. It’s white, but can be covered with any graphics or designs. 

What are the advantages of foam core?

  • Very light-weight material
  • Can have any graphics printed on it
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other sign substrates
  • Can be as large as 8’ x 4’
  • Always in stock at Kona Impact!

Why might you not want to use foam core in Hawaii?

  • Fit to be only used indoor
  • Will “dent” if dropped or handled improperly
  • Will not maintain rigidity at larger sizes (see gatorboard for a similar but more rigid material)

What are some known uses for foam core?

  • Agenda displays
  • Informational displays
  • Displays for a conference or a scientific presentation
  • Map displays
  • In-store product displays

How much does foam core cost?
Foam core displays are approximately $12/sq ft with artwork supplied by the client. Art and setup charges are a separate cost.

What if I need a large volume of foam core displays? Do you offer volume discounts? 
Yes! Give us a call and let’s discuss. 

Do you sell raw materials, just the foam core?
We do not sell unprinted foam core.