Kona Impact is a leading provider of coroplast signs in Kona, Hawaii. Coroplast, short for corrugated plastic is a relatively inexpensive, light-weight, long-term usage sign material. 

What are the advantages of coroplast?

  • Less expensive than other material such as aluminum or PVC
  • Very light-weight
  • Can be cut to any size
  • Can be double-sided

Why might you not want a coroplast sign in Hawaii?

  • Less durable and less long-lasting than aluminum or PVC signs
  • Has ribbed (not smooth) surface

What kind of coroplast signs does Kona Impact make?

  • Temporary signs up to 8’ x 4’
  • Real estate signs (24” x 18”)]
  • Campaign yard signs (24″ x 18″)
  • Real estate riders (24” x 6”)
  • Building-mounted signs
  • Fence-mounted signs
  • Freestanding signs with H-stakes, such as campaign signs

How much do coroplast signs cost?
There are several considerations:

  1. Is the design client supplied or created by Kona Impact?
  2. Is the sign single-sided or double-sided?
  3. Size?
  4. Do you need H-stakes?
  5. Do you require any special elements such as grommets, circular(or other custom) shapes, or rounded corners?
  6. Quantity?

Does Kona Impact offer volume discounts on coroplast signs?
Absolutely! Give us a call at 808-329-6077.