View Through

Kona Impact has printed and installed several hundred square feet of view-through material on the windows of businesses in Kona, Hawaii. View through (sometimes called see-through) material is mounted on the exterior of windows, which shows full-color graphics from the outside and the at the same time provide the ability to see through the material from the inside. As a matter of fact, from the inside it looks like there is nothing on the window, but from the outside you can see only the graphics.

What are the advantages of view-through materials?

  • Turns your window into large marketing displays
  • Provides privacy for those inside
  • Allows for a clear view of what’s outside

Why you might not want view-through material on your vehicle or your shop window:

  • Can be affected by UV(Ultra Violet) rays more than other materials
  • Mounted only externally onto glass

What are some of the uses of view through material?

  • Full or partial window covering for offices and shops
  • Full or partial coverage on service vehicle windows

How much does view-through material cost?
There are several variables:

  1. Is the design supplied by the client or is created by Kona Impact?
  2. What is the square feet of the total coverage?
  3. Do you require installation?

What if I have a huge amount of windows needed to be covered? Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! Give us a call to get started.

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