Business Categories

Since 2006, Kona Impact has worked with hundreds of local businesses in Hawaii, across nearly every sector of the economy. From small non-profits to major hotels and resorts. Construction companies, restaurants, retailers and bed and breakfasts have all benefit from our attention to fast, friendly and professional service.

What are the benefits for using a local provider like Kona Impact?

  1. Local responsibility. We see our clients every day at community events, grocery stores and at the beach. We take our responsibility to provide excellent service and project very seriously. If a client has a question, she can stop by our office.
  2. Better design experience. We often invite clients to look over our shoulder and choose colors and design options. Questions can be answered immediately and projects get completed to a high level of satisfaction much faster when the design experience is interactive. Design through email or on the phone is an inherently inferior process.
  3. Speed. Our turnaround time for many print project like banner or copies is next-day with same day turnaround possible. (Note: we never charge “rush” fees! If can, can. If no can, no can!)
  4. Local knowledge. Our clients often walk out of our office with connections to community resources and other businesses by leveraging Kona Impact’s huge client base. If you need a good accountant, franchise lawyer, massage, Thai restaurant, mechanic (and much more) we can usually recommend a good local resource.
  5. Your money stays in Hawaii. When you choose to buy local, your money stays in the community. Business that do not buy locally should have no expectation that other businesses and individuals will support them by buying locally!
  6. We’ll buy from you! It is our policy to buy locally whenever possible. We eat at our clients’ restaurant, buy our coffee from our clients’ farms, get our vehicles fixed our our clients’ mechanic and body shops. If a business supports us, we support them.