Hawaii Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search engine optimization is the process of looking at a website, online search databases, competitors, the business’ products and services and then…only then…coming up with a plan to optimize a website for search engines.

There are many online SEO companies, but be wary of companies that do not do an in-depth analysis of your website, your business goals and online competitors and truly make customized solutions for you. Also be careful of companies that offer a “magic bullet” or “guaranteed #1 rankings”. These search engine optimization companies are going to take your money and leave you with very little in return. Our experience tells us for truly great results, human-driven search engine optimization (as opposed to relying exclusively on automated software) is the way to go.

Our Search Engine Optimization packages are customized to each project. Here are the steps we take:

  1. In-depth analysis of your current website.
  2. Understanding your business as it is and where it wants to be in the future.
  3. In-depth analysis of search patterns and key words for your business.
  4. Analysis of your online competition.
  5. Selection of keywords.
  6. Help with the copy writing on website.
  7. Advice on design issues that affect your search engine visibility.
  8. Creation of a standards-compliant sitemap.
  9. Submission to online search engines and directories.
  10. Continual monitoring of online visibility.