Kona Impact Donates 80 Backpacks to Local Keiki

As a business owner, I can never ask my employees to do something without the proper tools. I am adamant about ensuring we have everything necessary to get our work done efficiently and safely.

Unfortunately, many of our local keiki (children) are sent to school daily without the necessary tools to succeed. It may be poor food security (i.e., a poor breakfast), lack of a computer or internet at home, or a lack of basic school supplies.

Kona Impact tries to move the needle a bit on school preparedness every year. This year, in cooperation with fellow Rotarians, we are working to supply children in the Micronesian community at the Southern tip of the island with school supplies and clothing. Some buy notebooks, binders, pencils, glue, markers, etc., and Kona Impact has bought 80 backpacks for the kids. It’s a team effort.

Our Rotary club also made some substantial financial contributions to help- along with other Rotary clubs in the state- buy a heavy-duty truck to haul water to their homes. This is all part of a significant commitment by Rotary clubs to provide necessities for this underserved population.

So, I hope we help kids see that their fellow islanders care about them and want to help them succeed at school.