What is the best sign shop in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii?

This is admittedly a self-serving article. Kona Impact is a sign shop in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and we, of course, think we’re pretty darn good, if not the best overall sign shop in town.

Here’s why:

  1. We have the fastest turnaround time for most projects. Many of our signs are done the next day (from design approval).  Only our most complex signs take more than a week. We can do this because we have more equipment, staff, and inventory than other local sign shops.
  2. We don’t sell low-quality products. There are three general grades of vinyl: 1) “EBay,” 2) intermediate, and 3) professional, long-term grade. It’s easy to offer customers lower costs using “Ebay” (extremely low-quality vinyl from China) grade materials. Unfortunately, doing so guarantees a very short time in use before failure, often measured in a few months, versus the professional-grade material with a 7-9-year rating. We do not believe any customer wants to do the same project twice, so we don’t use low-quality materials.
  3. We educate. Buying a banner, aluminum, or PVC sign is not something most people do often. We are happy to listen to our customers’ questions and give our best information. We often have new customers say they want a wood sign, but after we go through the disadvantages of using wood for exterior signs, they almost always opt for our more durable recommendations.
  4. We don’t outsource. At Kona Impact, we have a one-day turnaround on banners, whereas some shops will take two weeks. They are outsourcing (sometimes to us!). Nearly everything we sell, we make, which results in lower prices and faster completion times.
  5. We are committed to helping our community. Kona Impact donates thousands of dollars a year in cash, goods, and services to better the lives of people in our community. We provide all the Aloha Theatre’s signage at no cost. We support the Keiki Museum. We give generously to Salvation Army programs and donated 80 backpacks through the Rotary Club of Kona to kids in the Marshallese community at South Point this year.
  6. We offer exceptional value. Signs, labels, vehicle graphics, etc., do cost more in Hawaii, but we can mitigate those costs by ordering pallets full of material at a time and using highly efficient state-of-the-art machines to make what we do. This allows us to keep our prices lower than many other shops while providing the highest quality products.

In the end, your choice of sign provider in Hawaii is a choice that can be based on any number of criteria. At Kona Impact, we feel frustrated when we see very low-quality work done by others in our community. We are also excited to see wonderful work done by other sign shops. If customers are happy, we don’t care if they buy from us or others. After 17 years in business, we certainly don’t think we’re the best sign shop in Kona at everything, but we certainly are excellent a lot of things!