We often hear, “How long will a sign last?” Our snarky inner selves would love to answer, “Six years, forty-seven days”, but we know that’s not what the client is really asking. The client wants to have some idea, ballpark even when the sign will need to be replaced. We still can’t give a very good answer without asking a few questions.

What direction will the sign face? This is the number #1 variable. A South-facing sign in direct sunlight gets sunshine and UV rays 16 hours a day will have the most effective life decreasing conditions. A North facing sign will get no direct sunlight, and East and West-facing signs get somewhere in-between.

What is the proximity to the ocean? A sign that exists in the salty, near-ocean environment will collect the particles of corrosive salt over time, which may lead to discoloration and material issues.

Heat? Signs at higher elevation have less heat, though, at some elevations that are especially high, they can have mold issues.

We tell our clients that “nothing is forever” Every sign, at some point in time, will need to replaced or repair. We also like to say, “if you need a new sign in six years, that’s a good problem. Many businesses don’t last six years, so if you get to that point, replacing a sign will be easy.”

Here’s a sign we have re-painted for Huggo’s. It’s a South-facing oceanfront sign, so wear and tear are expected.