Banners for Your Business in Kona, Hawaii

We sell thousands of linear feet of banners a year at Kona Impact and have been doing so for years. We probably make more banners for Kona’s businesses than any other entity.

Let’s first look at what banners are good for:

  1. Large, inexpensive signs for an event or promotion
  2. Keiki birthday parties, retirement parties, graduations
  3. Farmers markets and Village Stroll beach tents
  4. Whenever you need a portable, lightweight sign
  5. When you want a full-color sign, like, for example, a picture of someone.

Limitations of Banners

  1. According to the County of Hawaii (which many ignore), banners can only be used for temporary building signage
  2. Banners have a limited lifespan in Hawaii. The factors which contribute to a shorter banner life are South-facing, wind, lack of support (tied between two trees, for example), and sun exposure on both sides. For longer-lasting banners, avoid all-day sun exposure and wind.

Design Ideas for Your Banner in Kona, Hawaii

  1. Go with dark letters and a light background or a dark background and light letters. High contrast will make your banner more visible
  2. Size matters. All things being equal, a larger banner with larger letters will be more visible than small letters on a small banner.
  3. Avoid clutter. You probably don’t need your address, two phone numbers, and unnecessary decorative images. Keep to one clear and simple message. Remember, your banner is a sign, not a business card or brochure.
  4. If you come to us with a 4 inch by 2-inch file and you want it to become a 4 foot by 2-foot banner, it’s going to be heavily pixellated. Quality matters, so be wary of Internet or phone design programs that do not allow you to work with actual size layouts. We do offer design services if you want to get your design done correctly the first time.

What we can’t do at Kona Impact

  1. Print anything for which you don’t have the right to reproduce. “I found the picture on the Internet,” tells us you don’t have the right to reproduce it (unless you paid for it). We can’t reproduce Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Superman, or any other trademarked images. We do have many sources of free, copyright-free images, so let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we can probably have a very good Plan B for you.