Results Matter! Getting Out of the Online Marketing Echo Chamber

Spend any amount of time researching online marketing online and you’ll soon start hearing an echo, actually a cacophony of echoes. This is because many companies just repeat the same old information again and again. They read something on a forum or on another website, take the information as fact, and then repeat it in their blog or newsletter.
Some of the information is good, relevant ways to grow a business online. Much of it is just repeating information from other sources.
What matters the most when choosing an online marketing company?
Results. That’s it!
Not price, as any company with good results is worth the price (within reason).
Not a lot of talk. That’s cheap and not worth very much.
At Kona Impact we are confident our results can outshine that of most companies people perceive as our competitors.
Here are three questions to ask any design, marketing or consulting company:

  1. What are five keywords/phrases you associate with your services or products? For example, it might be “taxi service,” “Kona airport taxi,” “airport shuttle,” “escorted island tours,” and “Kailua Kona taxi”
  2. What is your Google or Bing ranking for those keyword/phrases?

If a business can’t answer questions #1, find a new provider. If a company can’t answer #2, find a new provider. If the answer to the second questions is not, “we are in the top five positions for local search,” find a new provider.
Kona Impact is happy to show you our results for these two questions. In fact, we can be found in the top five places on Google, Bing and Yahoo for over fifty our targeting keywords/phrases!
The two questions above are the most fundamental aspects of online marketing. No matter how much talk or fancy brochures a design, marketing or consulting business has, understanding the nature of keywords and how to rank for them online is what separates a results-oriented marketing company and one that is just part of the great internet echo chamber.
Kona Impact works primarily with businesses on Hawaii Island, mostly companies in Waimea, Waikoloa, Kailua-Kona and South Kona. If you would like to “talk story” and see how we can help your business grow, give us a call at 808-329-6077.