A Few Things You May Not Know About Kona Impact

We Value and Support Our Clients

We hate wasting money, ours or our clients. If there is a way to save our clients some money, perhaps by substituting a material for a more appropriate one, we will discuss it with the client. 

We do not believe the customer is always right. For example, we’ll have some new clients come in and want a wood sign. We do our best to educate them that wood is a horrible material for most signs in Hawaii, as it rots, delaminates, and is susceptible to termite damage. We have a good selection of sign materials, and it is our goal to match them to the appropriate use.

We love to reuse sign blanks. Many realtors will go through several brokerages in their careers. We love it when we can re-skin signs and keep them out of landfill.

We don’t view others in town as competition. We do our thing, and they do theirs. If we are not the best fit for a project, we often refer people to other places in town that might be able to do the project better or faster. That said, we do believe we are the best at what we do!

We make mistakes. We try really hard to make sure the mistakes do not exit our office, but they happen. We are very grateful when our customers give us a chance to make it right.

Our Community Connection

We value our community. We live here. We work here. We play here. As such, we do our best to be charitable, informative (even if we don’t get the job because of it), and good stewards of the environment. We strongly believe in creating a community in which we want to live.

We are an avid “buy local” business. Our buying hierarchy is this: 1) if we can purchase from an existing client, we do; 2) locally-owned businesses, even if not a client, get second priority, 3) we see little difference between national big box stores and buying online in terms of local economic impact, so if we can’t achieve #1 or #2, we go for price, selection, and convenience.

We love entrepreneurship. There is nothing more satisfying than helping entrepreneurs start, grow and expand their businesses. 

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