“Forever Signs” in Hawaii: Metal

All signs have a lifespan in Hawaii.

Banners are the classic temporary sign. They work wonderfully as an inexpensive temporary sign, but we always caution our clients that they are not going to last years outdoors (though, if protected from sun and wind they can).

Wood, in our experience, is almost always a horrible sign material, as it’s nearly impossible to protect it from moisture, rot, and termites.

PVC signs with printed and laminated vinyl have a very good life, especially if the vinyl is high quality.

A new Kona Impact offering comes as close to possible to achieving a “forever sign” rating: metal CNC cut signs. We cut these out of sheet metal with a computer-controlled (CNC) plasma torch. We then apply some post-cutting rust inhibitors and paints to ensure that it’ll be many, many years until they need touch-up paintwork.

These signs are ideal for commercial or high-end residential use where durability and low maintenance costs are important.

Here’s one we recently installed in Kailua-Kona. The “Kaiwi Square” sign was 200+ pounds.