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Project Completed: TOPSHAPE Kona Sportfishing

There should be only one boat that comes to mind for luxury sportfishing in Kona, Hawaii: TOPSHAPE. It is, quite simply, in a class by itself.

As Captain Al, the owner and operator of TOPSHAPE, likes to make clear: there is Kona fishing and there is TOPSHAPE fishing. This makes sense: there is chocolate and there is Godiva chocolate; there is flying and there is flying first class; there are sports cars and there are Ferrari’s. There is ordinary, and there is extraordinary.

The Kona Impact crew loved working on the TOPSHAPE website. We started with a visit to the boat at Honokohau Harbor. We then spent a lot of time making sure the visual impact and content of the website were just right. Some of the features of the site include a blog, video, extensive galleries, a Flash tour of the boat and a lot of work making the text a truthful representation of what the boats is.

If you are looking for the best day fishing in Kona in your life, check out TOPSHAPE. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll catch a huge marlin, we do know that Captain Al, with 25 years of experience, and the 43′ Cabo boat will ensure that you’ll have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.

Project Completed: Alii Gardens Marketplace Sign

One of the most cost-effective, revenue generating thing a business can do is upgrade its signage. The saying that signs don’t cost, they pay, is certainly true in most instances.

One of our recently completed projects is new signage for the Alii Gardens Marketplace. This is a nice, open air market on Alii Drive. Popular with tourists and locals, this market is a place for locals to sell their goods, including artwork, aloha shirts, local crafts, jewelry and locally-grown food.

Our goal with the sign was to focus on the “marketplace” aspect and lessen the focus on the “Alii Gardens” aspect, as, in the past, this has tended to confuse passer-byes, as they often thought it was a gardening center or a tourist attraction.

While we won’t go into too much detail, this sign is built to last. Using only top-quality materials and taking the time to make sure we prepared and applied the material correctly, make this a sign that will be there for years to come…and still look great.

If you’re new to Kona or just here for a vacation, take a few hours of a day and visit some of the shops at the Alii Gardens Marketplace. It’s located about a mile and a half south of Kailua Village on Alii Drive. Just look for the signs!

And, if you’re a business owner looking to gain better visibility, give us a call. We can help! 329-6077.

Project Completed: Konawaena Football Logo

A few months ago, one of Coach Walters’ sons, Brett, came in to Kona Impact asking if we’d design a new logo for the football team. We immediately knew this would be a “community project”; that is, something we do at no charge for a good cause in the community. Kona Impact does a lot of this, though it’s not something we talk a lot about.We just like the warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we see something we do that helps a local organization.

The mascot for Konawaenna High School is a wildcat. Defining that was our biggest challenge. We found a lot of cougars, bobcats, cats and just scary looking felines for inspiration, but to find “wildcats” was a bit more of a challenge. After going back and forth with Brett and the Parents’ Committee several times, we did come up with a pretty awesome looking wildcat (see below).

The new logo will be on the football helmets this year and on the jerseys (when they re-order) next year. We were especially gratified to hear that each member of the team had to be academically eligible to get a new helmet sticker. Good job, coach.

We look forward to seeing the team on the field this year. Go Wildcats!

konawaena football logo

Project Completed: Katie Nova, Psychologist

More and more people are turning to the internet to find local providers of services. In fact, it was over two years ago that more people began searching for local providers online than using phone book. As such, a local business that wants to attract local customers or clients is missing a big piece marketing mojo if it does not have an effective website.

Kaitie Nova, a Kona psychologist,wanted a website that would give those who are looking for mental health services a comprehensive place to find out about her and what she offers. To that goal, the Kona Impact team (and Katie!) looked at tens of websites for psychologists around the country. Truth be told, it was hard to find many that not only looked good, but also had a good amount and flow of information.

After a lot of work with color schemes and graphics, as well as the content creation went into coming up with what is now Katie’s new site.

While it is easy, of course, to say that all of our clients were wonderful to work with, and we would recommend their services to anyone, it is not something we say all the time.

If you are in need of some help, give Katie a call. She’s very approachable, perceptive and has helped a lot of people in the Kona community.

Project Completed: Sea Paradise

Looking for a great Kona snorkeling tour? There are many options–from small six person boats to large, crowded vessels. Our favorite…and new client…is Sea Paradise.

Operating out of Keauhou Bay, Sea Paradise is actually one of the few boats that actually sails. Their immaculately maintained catamaran has a morning snorkel tour, an afternoon snorkel tour and a night manta snorkel tour.

If you like snorkeling, we’d highly recommend a morning snorkel, and, maybe not on the same day, a night manta snorkel, a world famous tour that should not be missed. It’s, for many island visitors, the highlight of their vacation.

We had several design and function goals with their new website. We wanted it to be easy on the eyes, informative and very easy to navigate. Though you may disagree, we think the site is by far the best excursion/tour site in Kona in terms of how it looks and how easy it is to make an online booking.

Kona snorkeling

Click to visit the Sea Paradise website

Iphone and Android App Launched!

Kona Impact has been monitoring a trend for the past year or so of increased mobile access to our websites. All of the websites we create are standards-compliant, which means they can be viewed correctly on almost all modern browsers, including mobile devices, such as iphones and Android cell phones.

The problem is that almost all cell phones have screens that are way too small to comfortably view a web page. The screen size is just too small.

Apps overcome these issues. They format content for the small screens and allow better navigation.

We developed our first App for a local retailer of titanium rings. They have a shop in town and several jewelry stores around the islands carry their products. They also have a thriving website.

Our goal was to design an App for iphones and Android devices that will allow people to see a selection of their rings and view videos of the rings. It also allows people to click through to the website and make a purchase. The App is free is can be downloaded through the links below:

Titanium Ring ShopTitanium Ring Shop

We are certain that the use of mobile devices will grow exponentially in the future, making Apps a necessity for many businesses in the future. If you’d like to talk with Kona Impact about how we can help your business go mobile, give us a call at 808-329-6077. Note: we generally do not accept clients from outside of Hawaii.

Project Completed: Glass Bottom Boat Tours

One of the best things about living in Kona, Hawaii is the ocean. With the Kona Impact office a block away, we often find ourselves going for a stroll and looking out at the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

One of our new clients runs a glass bottom boat tour tour from Kailua Bay. What we love about Gus’ boat and tour is that they allow people who may not be interested in or able to snorkel or scuba dive a chance to see the wonders of the Kona coast. With hundreds of endemic fish (i.e., found only in Hawaii), spinner dolphins and green sea turtles, there is plenty to see from the boat. Add to that some lovely pencil sea urchins and centuries-old coral heads, and you have an underwater world that is like no other.

The other great thing about the tour is affordability: it’s only $40 for adults and $20 for children under 12–the best value in Kona for any tour.

The boat is also available for special charters like school trips, company outings and for memorial services (including scattering of ashes).

So, if you’re in Kona for a vacation, make sure you check out Kailua Bay Charters–

Glass Bottom Boat

Standing Banners Create Some Wow

Is your business looking for a way to create some visual “wow”? One thing to consider is free standing retractable banners. They are great for a lobby, a store interior or as a trade show display. With a height of 79″ (over 6 1/2 feet) and a width of nearly three feet, these free standing banners are sure to catch the eye of your customers or clients. One great feature is the banners are retractable and coil into the lightweight base, so they are easy to store and travel with.

We have all the materials in stock to make these free standing banners right here in Kailua-Kona. Next day service is available, but we recommend contacting us at least a week before you will need them to ensure that we’ll have sufficient time to get your design right. Give Kona Impact a call at 329-6077 (sorry, don’t ship off island at this time) for your no-obligation price quote on banners, signage and other wide format printing.

Project Completed – M & M Kona Coffee

Many people do not know that there is only one state in the United States that grows coffee–Hawaii. Within Hawaii, the most prized coffee comes from the Kona region of Hawaii Island. Due to a lot of environmental factors (volcanoes, soil, weather patterns, etc.) the coffee grown in the Kona region has a superb taste. Another characteristic of this region is the vast majority of Kona coffee is grown on small family farms, many 3-5 acres.

Michael and Mary of M &M Kona Coffee are epitomize all that is great about Kona coffee. Their farm is located in the heart of of the Kona region and they are in control of their coffee from planting to sending out the roasted coffee. This is what is called Estate Kona Coffee, coffee that comes only from one farm and is therefore a “pure” coffee, not blended with other coffee. Almost without exception, the coffee that you will find at a grocery store on the U.S. Mainland (including all the Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, Peet’s, etc.) is coffee blended from tens if not hundreds or thousands of farms.

If you compare estate Kona coffee to wine, it would be a brand name wine with grapes only coming from one farm. Most store bought coffee is equivalent to Ernest and Julio Gallo–a hodgepodge of grapes processed to create a uniform, uninspiring taste.

We at Kona Impact are passionate about Kona coffee. Simply put, estate Kona coffee is best coffee we know. If you would like to experience the taste of awesome, high-quality gourmet coffee, order a pound or two from M & M Coffee. Be forewarned, however, you’ll never drink low-quality store bought coffee again.

M & M Kona Coffee

Project Completed – Akamai Cleaning

Akamai Cleaning is a local provider of cleaning services for residential, vacation and commercial properties. In business for over 20 years, Akamai is the go-to business for Kona cleaning services.

We enjoyed working with Teri of Akamai Cleaning on the website. There were a few design and content-related challenges. First of all, we decided quickly that goal should be a clean, uncluttered website. The last thing we wanted to do for a cleaning services website was to over design the website and make it feel cluttered! The next challenge was getting a lot of content on the site without making it, again, cluttered. We did this by working with Teri to refine the essential message, and, where it was needed adding some accordion-like functionality to keep the design straightforward and easy to navigate. Check out this function on the cleaning services page.

We like to say at Kona Impact that just because we can over-design, doesn’t mean we should. Keep the message focused and let the design support the message is something we tell clients every week. Always think of the customer first: what would sell him or her on the product or service? That is, after all, the primary goal of most websites.

Akamai Cleaning