Standing Banners Create Some Wow

Is your business looking for a way to create some visual “wow”? One thing to consider is free-standing retractable banners. They are great for a lobby, a store interior, or as a trade show display. With a height of 79″ (over 6 1/2 feet) and a width of nearly three feet, these free-standing banners are sure to catch the eye of your customers or clients. One great feature is the banners are retractable and coil into the lightweight base, so they are easy to store and travel with.

We have all the materials in stock to make these free-standing banners in Kailua-Kona. Next-day service is available, but we recommend contacting us at least a week before you need them to ensure we’ll have sufficient time to get your design right. Call Kona Impact at 329-6077 (sorry, don’t ship off the island now) for your no-obligation price quote on banners, signage, and other wide-format printing.