Project Completed: TOPSHAPE Kona Sportfishing

There should be only one boat that comes to mind for luxury sportfishing in Kona, Hawaii: TOPSHAPE. It is, quite simply, in a class by itself.
As Captain Al, the owner and operator of TOPSHAPE, likes to make clear: there is Kona fishing and there is TOPSHAPE fishing. This makes sense: there is chocolate and there is Godiva chocolate; there is flying and there is flying first class; there are sports cars and there are Ferrari’s. There is ordinary, and there is extraordinary.
The Kona Impact crew loved working on the TOPSHAPE website. We started with a visit to the boat at Honokohau Harbor. We then spent a lot of time making sure the visual impact and content of the website were just right. Some of the features of the site include a blog, video, extensive galleries, a Flash tour of the boat and a lot of work making the text a truthful representation of what the boats is.
If you are looking for the best day fishing in Kona in your life, check out TOPSHAPE. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll catch a huge marlin, we do know that Captain Al, with 25 years of experience, and the 43′ Cabo boat will ensure that you’ll have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible.