Completed Project: Country Samurai Coffee

One of the great things about working with food and drink producers is that we, of course, get to taste the goods. We have enjoyed the macadamia nut rum cakes, sushi, paninis, Indian food and desserts we have tasted on the way to creating the logos, signage, websites and print collateral for the businesses with which we work.
One of our favorite types of businesses we love working with is local farmers, more specifically, Kona coffee farms. For those in the know, Kona coffee is simply put some the best coffee in the world. We say this as avid roasters and drinkers of coffee. Our small office goes through a pound a week, sometimes more. In an year, we probably taste twenty different coffees.
Country Samurai is local coffee farm located about five miles from our office. Located at the perfect elevation in the Kona coffee belt, this farm produces some of the best of the best Kona coffee.
We spent a lot of time working with the owners on their website, and we can say, with equivocation, that this is one of the most serious (in terms of quality) operations out there. From growning humungous trees (most prune extensively to help picking) and putting truckload after truckload of mulch in their fields, Country Samurai does not what is convenient; it does what is right.
One thing you’ll notice about the website is that it is fully bilingual–Japanese and English. This was a particular challenge for the Kona Impact team, as we, in effect, had to put everything in twice, content-wise. In the end, we’re excited about the result and are sure it will bring Country Samurai some good results.