Iphone and Android App Launched!

Kona Impact has been monitoring a trend of increased mobile access to our websites for the past year or so. All the websites we create are standards-compliant, meaning they can be viewed correctly on almost all modern browsers, including mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android cell phones.

The problem is that almost all cell phones have screens that are way too small to comfortably view a web page. The screen size is just too small.

Apps overcome these issues. They format content for the small screens and allow better navigation.
We developed our first App for a local retailer of titanium rings. They have a shop in town, and several jewelry stores around the islands carry their products. They also have a thriving website.
Our goal was to design an App for iPhones and Android devices that would allow people to see a selection of their rings and view videos of the calls. It also allows people to click through to the website and purchase.

We are sure that the use of mobile devices will grow exponentially in the future, making Apps a necessity for many businesses in the future. If you’d like to talk with Kona Impact about how we can help your business go mobile, call us at 808-329-6077. Note: we generally do not accept clients from outside of Hawaii.