Project Completed: Konawaena Football Logo

A few months ago, one of Coach Walters’ sons, Brett, came in to Kona Impact asking if we’d design a new logo for the football team. We immediately knew this would be a “community project”; that is, something we do at no charge for a good cause in the community. Kona Impact does a lot of this, though it’s not something we talk a lot about.We just like the warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we see something we do that helps a local organization.
The mascot for Konawaenna High School is a wildcat. Defining that was our biggest challenge. We found a lot of cougars, bobcats, cats and just scary looking felines for inspiration, but to find “wildcats” was a bit more of a challenge. After going back and forth with Brett and the Parents’ Committee several times, we did come up with a pretty awesome looking wildcat (see below).
The new logo will be on the football helmets this year and on the jerseys (when they re-order) next year. We were especially gratified to hear that each member of the team had to be academically eligible to get a new helmet sticker. Good job, coach.
We look forward to seeing the team on the field this year. Go Wildcats!
konawaena football logo