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Make Your Vehicle a Mobile Adverstising Platform

If you are a service-related business, especially one that drives around town, one of the best investments you can make is vehicle graphics. Simply put, a vehicle with graphics gets noticed, whether it is a vehicle magnet, applied vinyl or window graphics.

Here is a window and cut vinyl install we completed a few days ago.The material on the window is see-through, so the driver can see clearly out the back window and there are graphics visible to passer-bys. BTW, if you are looking for a top-quality cleaning service, you should give Kona Professional Housekeepers a call. There reputation is excellent in the community.

Project Completed: Ed’s Cleaning

Many of Kona Impact’s clients are people who are making transitions in their life: from employee to business owner, from at-home business to a business with a shop or storefront, and in the case of Ed’s Cleaning, a business that is rebranding.

Ed used to own the COIT carpet cleaning franchise in Kona, Hawaii. After several years of paying royalties for his franchise, he realized that his carpet, upholstery, stone and drapery cleaning clients did not care about COIT, it was Ed that did the work. So, after a lot of thought and consideration, COIT became Ed’s Cleaning. The same  Ed. The same high-tech cleaning equipment. The same commitment to awesome customer service. Just a new name.

Kona Impact created and installed Ed’s new van graphics and built him a new website. The goal was to achieve a clean, simple design and let Ed’s record of fine work and exceptional customer service speak for itself. We would certainly trust Ed for any carpet, stone or drapery cleaning: he’s a super guy and was a great client to work with.

So, if you own property from Waimea to Keauhou, give Ed a call – 808-938-5915.  One bonus of working with Ed’s Cleaning is that he can do multiple cleaning jobs (carpet, rugs, stone, drapes) in one visit.

Ed's Cleaning

Project Completed: Charley’s Thai Cuisine

One thing the Hawaii Island loves is Thai restaurants. We are blessed to have several excellent Thai restaurants, with at least one in each of the main communities.

When it comes to Thai food in Waikoloa and Waimea, our choice is Charley’s Thai Cuisine. We have visited Chaley’s many times over the years. Now they are our client, having hired us to make a website for them.

One of the challenges for this site is the use of one website for two locations. The makes optimization for Google Local more of a challenge. Only time will tell is we were able to overcome this issues, but we’ll certainly adjust the content of the site if needed.

If you are in the Queen’s Shops in Waikoloa or in Waimea, we highly recommend stopping by Chareley’s Thai Cuisine for a meal. (I love the yellow curry the most!).

Charley's Thai Cuisine - Waikoloa & Waimea

Charley's Thai Cuisine - Waikoloa & Waimea

Project Completed: Organic Kona Coffee

Kona Impact is located in the heart of the Kona coffee region on Hawaii Island. There are hundreds of coffee farms within a 30 minute drive of our office. Most grow their coffee conventionally: they use pesticides, herbicides and non-organic fertilizers to control bugs and weeds and help the coffee trees get vital nutrients. The use of agricultural chemicals is much lower than, for example. corn, berry crops and many other fruit crops, but they are still used quite a bit.

The simple fact is that going organic and maintaining that status is hard, very hard. Yields are lower, more workers are required to spread compost, control weeds and harvest. As a results, the costs are higher to grow organic coffee. This is true with most organic products.

The largest organic coffee farm in Hawaii is the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation in Kaloka Mauka–a high elevation farm at the northern end of the Kona coffee region. The win awards year after year because of their superior coffee and teas. Simply put, they grow and process some of the world’s finest coffee. Being techies, we are especially impressed with their color sorter which automatically scans ever bean and removes any discolored (low quality) beans before the roast.

The website we made for them at was made with a few goals in mind. Organic Kona Coffee is a niche market and the potential buyers are likely attracted to the product for environmental and health reasons. A lot will also be “foodies”–people are very focused on food quality and taste. As such, we tried to create an earthy, organic design while understanding that the price point for the products (and quality) are high. Focusing on the coffee club at the item level was also a goal.

Organic Kona Coffee

Vehicle Graphics Grow Business In Kona

Like it or not, Hawaii Island is a vehicle-dependent place. Very few people live walking distance to stores, and the best of the island–the beaches and countryside–are always a drive away.

This makes your car or truck an ideal way to promote your business. The simplest way to do that is car magnets. These are durable, reasonably inexpensive and can be removed easily. A set of these, including design, are available for about $100.

The next level of vehicle graphics is semi-permanent vinyl. This is affixed to a window, door, bumper or hood and will last several years. It is a bigger investment than magnets, mostly because of the time needed to install.

A third product Kona Impact has for vehicles is see through material. This can be mounted on windows and does not impair ones ability to see out. We can print just about anything on these, and the install is relatively easy. The big cost of for see through vehicle graphics is the material cost. That said, we really love this material for creative an impact with vehicle advertising.

Here is a picture showing semi-permanent vinyl and a full-wide see through graphic. It looks great, and it is a wonderful way to advertise your business wherever you are. If you’re interested in vehicle graphics on Hawaii Island, give us a call or stop by our shop in Kailua-Kona. 329-6077. Call for an appointment.

Kona Impact Appreciates the Ironman World Championships

The day after the Ironman World Championships in Kona, I meet a man at the dump who let it be known that he was very happy that the competition was done and everyone was going home. He then went on to complain how much he was inconvenienced (the dump, where I met him was closed one day). I mentioned that I was very grateful for Ironman. As a local small business owner, I did a lot of Ironman printing and signage. It was very good for my business, I told him. He then grumbled, “but think of all the restaurants that had to close” (for one day).

I did. In fact, I know the owners of a lot of these businesses. Not one of them was complaining. If fact, like Kona Impact, they were grateful for the extra business in the two weeks prior to and the days after Ironman.

Indeed, every business owner I know likes Ironman. The period from September to Christmas is a slow time for visitors to the island, and since the island keiki are in school, their parents aren’t spending much either. It’s just a quiet time, a time punctuated by the two weeks of Ironman when nearly every condo is booked, the restaurants busy, and every business associated with them has more work. The room cleaners have work, as do the taxi drivers, car rental agents, food suppliers, street cleaners, store clerks and just about everyone else in town.

Sure, we get it that some people are annoyed by the cyclists riding two and three abreast on the streets, and, yes, it’s a bit hard to get around on the race day. But, balance that with impact of having 1,000+ athletes and their supporters in town for at least a week, often longer. Also consider that over 3,000 local residents volunteer race day and the effect that has on building a better community and the Ironman Foundation makes very generous grants to many local organizations.

So, the next time you hear someone bad mouthing the Ironman World Championship, consider that there is a huge amount of workers, suppliers, volunteers, non-profits and business owners that disagree.

Mylist - Sponsor of Ironman World Championships

4 Foot Tall Foam Core Signs for Mylist

Same Day Printing Service and Delivery for Waikoloa?

We do a lot of printing and signage projects for conventions and expos on the Kohala Coast. For most businesses it is far more convenient to have us print the files and mount them on foam core or other material. Shipping is a hassle and the odd dimensions of signs make them unwieldy to carry through airports. We can do banners, posters, foam core, a-frames, cut vinyl, and much more.

Just last week we got a call from a large convention in Waikoloa with hundreds of attendees. The organizer had some special graphics that need to be printed, laminated and mounted on a PVC board. Fortunately, we try to keep plenty of our core supplies in stock, so we were able to complete the project and delivery the materials same day to Waikoloa.

Many providers of convention printing services charge a rush fee for such a project. We did not, and we also delivered the signage to the hotel at no additional cost. Whenever possible, we try to do business the way we like our suppliers to do business with us: fast, efficient and with attention to detail. We hate “gotcha pricing”, so we do not do that at Kona Impact.

We certainly encourage convention planners and organizers coming to Hawaii Island to plan ahead. At times, we may need to round up some extra supplies from Oahu or schedule some extra time to ensure a project can be done to our quality criteria. The more time we have, the better.

That said, if you are on the Kohala Coast for an event and need some same-day specialty printing, including banners, foam core displays, posters or other signage, give us a call at 808-329-6077 or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Custom Vehicle Graphics Make an Impact

Hawaii is a great place to do custom design work because of the wide variety of influences on local culture. From Japanese characters to Pacific Islander-inspired designs, we live in one of the world’s great places design inspiration.

We recently did a really fun project for a client. He came in and said he wanted some vehicle graphics with a real Hawaiian feel to them. When we asked for more details, he pointed to some of the tattoos on his body. That was a great start for us. We took pictures and got to work putting together some custom vehicle graphics for him.

After a days of going back and forth on the designs, we can up with a design for his front hood and one for his tailgate. We then cut the graphics and installed them. You can see both graphics on his vehicle below.

If you are looking for custom vehicle graphics in Kona, give us a call at 329-6077. These graphics are very affordable and can go on widows or on the body of the vehicle. We also do see-through graphics for windows and vehicle magnets.

Japanese Websites Grow Businesses

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Tokyo. You do what most people do and start searching online for hotels, restaurants and things to do. Simple, right?

Now imagine that all you come up with sites in Japanese and in English. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend your time and money on the businesses that put out information in English. You certainly don’t expect all the employees to be fluent English speakers, but you do want to be able to get the basic information in English.

The same is true of Japanese visitors to Hawaii. They appreciate information about hotels, restaurants and activities in Japanese.

The businesses that cater to Japanese tourists by providing information in Japanese can benefit immensely.

Kona Impact has been making Japanese menus, brochures and websites for years. Our restaurant clients know that having a Japanese menu greatly increases their chances of being featured in Japanese tourist publications and being highlighted in Japanese blogs and directories. Simply put, they bring in a lot of business.

Recently Kona Impact added an informational page to Sea Paradise‘s website, which we also built. The goal is to provide Japanese guests information about their Kona snorkeling excursions. We are certain this will make for more bookings from Japanese guests.

Mobile Websites in Kona

At one time, the only platform for websites was computers, namely notebook and desktop computers. Since they used the same browsers to view websites, we were mainly concerned with browser compatibility and making sure all of our sites could be viewed with even the smallest monitors.

While we still have those issues, we now have to be concerned with mobile devices—web-enabled phones and tablet computers.

These devices do a decent job of rendering a standards-compliant website, but the result, especially for a mobile phone, is a website that is very hard to read without zooming in. Imagine taking a website designed for a 25” screen and then viewing it on a two inch screen.

Two recent projects at Kona Impact demonstrate some of the needs and issues. Jackie Rey’s, a popular local restaurant, and Hualalai Urgent Care, a local medical clinic, are two local businesses likely to have a lot of mobile viewers. We have made mobile website for both lately.

The Hualalai Urgent Care mobile site applies a framework that determines the viewers’ device and then serves up special content and formatting of that content tailored to that device. This was a retrofit of a website we made several years ago.

The Jackie Rey’s mobile site, was, in many ways easier, because we were able to develop the website from the ground up recently. That said, it’s not an easy or quick task.

If you are looking for a website and a mobile version of the website, give us a call at 329-6077. While we don’t recommend an optimized mobile site for all of our clients, if you envision a significant part of your site’s visitors view your site on your phone, it is probably worthwhile. We’re happy to talk about these issues—both pro and con—in an honest and direct way with you.