Project Completed: Ed's Cleaning

Many of Kona Impact’s clients are people who are making transitions in their life: from employee to business owner, from at-home business to a business with a shop or storefront, and in the case of Ed’s Cleaning, a business that is rebranding.
Ed used to own the COIT carpet cleaning franchise in Kona, Hawaii. After several years of paying royalties for his franchise, he realized that his carpet, upholstery, stone and drapery cleaning clients did not care about COIT, it was Ed that did the work. So, after a lot of thought and consideration, COIT became Ed’s Cleaning. The same� Ed. The same high-tech cleaning equipment. The same commitment to awesome customer service. Just a new name.
Kona Impact created and installed Ed’s new van graphics and built him a new website. The goal was to achieve a clean, simple design and let Ed’s record of fine work and exceptional customer service speak for itself. We would certainly trust Ed for any carpet, stone or drapery cleaning: he’s a super guy and was a great client to work with.
So, if you own property from Waimea to Keauhou, give Ed a call – 808-938-5915.� One bonus of working with Ed’s Cleaning is that he can do multiple cleaning jobs (carpet, rugs, stone, drapes) in one visit.
Ed's Cleaning