Custom Vehicle Graphics Make an Impact

Hawaii is a great place to do custom design work because of the wide variety of influences on local culture. From Japanese characters to Pacific Islander-inspired designs, we live in one of the world’s great places for design inspiration.

We recently did a really fun project for a client. He came in and said he wanted some vehicle graphics with a real Hawaiian feel to them. When we asked for more details, he pointed to some of the tattoos on his body. That was a great start for us. We took pictures and got to work putting together some custom vehicle graphics for him.

After a days of going back and forth on the designs, we can up with a design for his front hood and one for his tailgate. We then cut the graphics and installed them. You can see both pictures on his vehicle below.

If you are looking for custom vehicle graphics in Kona, give us a call at 329-6077. These graphics are very affordable and can go on widows or on the body of the vehicle. We also do see-through graphics for windows and vehicle magnets.