Japanese Websites Grow Businesses

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Tokyo. You do what most people do and start searching online for hotels, restaurants and things to do. Simple, right?
Now imagine that all you come up with sites in Japanese and in English. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend your time and money on the businesses that put out information in English. You certainly don’t expect all the employees to be fluent English speakers, but you do want to be able to get the basic information in English.
The same is true of Japanese visitors to Hawaii. They appreciate information about hotels, restaurants and activities in Japanese.
The businesses that cater to Japanese tourists by providing information in Japanese can benefit immensely.
Kona Impact has been making Japanese menus, brochures and websites for years. Our restaurant clients know that having a Japanese menu greatly increases their chances of being featured in Japanese tourist publications and being highlighted in Japanese blogs and directories. Simply put, they bring in a lot of business.
Recently Kona Impact added an informational page to Sea Paradise‘s website, which we also built. The goal is to provide Japanese guests information about their Kona snorkeling excursions. We are certain this will make for more bookings from Japanese guests.