Project Completed: Charley's Thai Cuisine

One thing the Hawaii Island loves is Thai restaurants. We are blessed to have several excellent Thai restaurants, with at least one in each of the main communities.
When it comes to Thai food in Waikoloa and Waimea, our choice is Charley’s Thai Cuisine. We have visited Chaley’s many times over the years. Now they are our client, having hired us to make a website for them.
One of the challenges for this site is the use of one website for two locations. The makes optimization for Google Local more of a challenge. Only time will tell is we were able to overcome this issues, but we’ll certainly adjust the content of the site if needed.
If you are in the Queen’s Shops in Waikoloa or in Waimea, we highly recommend stopping by Chareley’s Thai Cuisine for a meal. (I love the yellow curry the most!).

Charley's Thai Cuisine - Waikoloa & Waimea
Charley's Thai Cuisine - Waikoloa & Waimea