Sign Material Choices: Cut Vinyl or Printed and Cut Vinyl?

At Kona Impact we don’t plan for making the same sign twice: we want to make the best quality one we can make, using the most appropriate materials, once. In other words, we don’t make signs or vehicle graphics we know will have an unnecessarily short life. 

It’s simply bad business to not offer our clients the best products available. Some sign shops have only limited options available because of their lack of equipment, but Kona Impact is able to offer multiple options, so we do.

Two Options: Cut or Printed Vinyl

There are two options for windows, vehicle, and most signs: cut vinyl and printed vinyl. With cut vinyl, which we stock in about 25 different colors, the material is cast in the material; that is, with blue cut vinyl, the material itself is blue. With printed vinyl, the vinyl is white and then we use our wide format printers to apply color to the material. With both, we can cut to any shape.

Cut Vinyl Vehicle
Cut vinyl and print and cut vinyl on van

Benefits of Cut Vinyl

  • Rated lifespan for 5, 7, and 9 years. The actual lifespan depends on orientation to the sun.
  • Will resist fading more than printed vinyl
  • No background
  • Thinner and more conformable than printed vinyl

Limits of Cut Vinyl

  • Limited colors. We stock about 25 colors, including 6 blues
  • Limited size. Our rolls are 24 inches wide, so one measurement must be less than 24”
  • Cannot make gradients, photos, or complex color combinations
  • Small letters or graphics may not be able to be cut
  • Install can be more difficult

Benefits of Printed Vinyl

  • Can be used for photos, gradients, full-color signs. Best exact color matching
  • Generally less expensive per square foot
  • With lamination, has a good lifespan in Hawaii

Limits of Printed Vinyl

  • Less lifespan that cut vinyl
  • Will have background
  • Thicker and less conforming to surfaces

Kona Impact has been printing, cutting, and installing vinyl for years. We’ve done hundreds, probably thousands, of installs of both, so if you have something in mind, give us a call and we’ll share with you our recommendations. Kona Impact 329–6077.