One question we always get is, “How long will this last?” It’s a great question. We will usually respond with some questions of our own: Is it for indoor or outdoor use? 2. If outdoors, will it face North, South, East, or West? 3. Will it be in a particularly hot area (low elevation, by...
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Vehicle Cut Vinyl
At Kona Impact we don’t plan for making the same sign twice: we want to make the best quality one we can make, using the most appropriate materials, once. In other words, we don’t make signs or vehicle graphics we know will have an unnecessarily short life.  It’s simply bad business to not offer our...
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Kona Impact Postcard
We have a saying in our office: “No one regrets a sign.” There are very few more direct and visible ways to promote your business than effective signage. As they say, “a business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Here are some options: Paper – A great option for indoor signs. It’s...
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