Sign Material Options at Kona Impact

We have a saying in our office: “No one regrets a sign.” There are very few more direct and visible ways to promote your business than effective signage. As they say, “a business with no sign is a sign of no business.”

Here are some options:

Paper – A great option for indoor signs. It’s very inexpensive and can be put up or removed easily

Foam Core – Another inexpensive indoor sign choice. It’s lightweight and rigid.

Gatorboard – More rigid and durable than foam core. Lightweight, rigid, and durable.

Coroplast – Semi-rigid corrugated plastic. Lightweight and good for short-term outdoor use

Banner – Our least expensive outdoor sign material. Lightweight and reasonably durable.

View-through – Mounted on windows. Allows full-color printing and one-way view through

Cut or Printed Vinyl – Applied to glass or metal (vehicles) 

PVC – Long-term exterior signage. Printed and laminated for durability. ⅛”, ¼” and ½”.

Aluminum – Long-term exterior signage. Can be expensive for non-standard sizes

Dimensional CNC Cut – 3D signs. Letters or logos cut and layered. Looks great.

Kona Impact is happy to provide consultations and price quotes on any proposed project. Our main pricing variables are design (if needed), materials, size, and installation (if needed). Give us a call at 808-329-6077!