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Project Completed: The Consortium Firm

The Consortium Firm is a global business development team based out of several U.S. cities. This group of experienced business leaders provides business development support, consulting services and direct investment in businesses. At their core, based Kona Impact’s experiences with them, they guided by deeply held beliefs about ethics, God and doing business in way that creates win-win solutions. We found it refreshing to work with a business that not only knows how to do business, but also well-defined set of principles that guide their business dealings.

Project Completed: Dr. Chavez, Kona Psychologist

One of the great things about running a business like Kona Impact is learning about resources available in our community. After over four years in business, we have met with people from about every job sector in town. It’s hard to imagine any type of business with which we have not worked.

One area very close to our heart is health care, including physical and mental health. We are very well aware that there are great needs in our community for both and donate a considerable amount of time to non-profits working in these areas.

It is with the needs of our community in mind that we were excited to take on a project for a local psychologist, Dr. Deborah Chavez. Dr. Chavez’s was, like so many of our clients, a pleasure to work with on her website project. She was focused, detailed and her feedback was very constructive.

Some people think we prefer passive clients who agree with everything we say, and take the first thing we produce as being perfect. This is very far from truth; instead we prefer clients like Dr. Chavez, who take an active role in their project and provide feedback and direction that represents their true desires. In the end, after we launch a website, it is not our website, it is our clients’!

There are a lot of resources on Dr. Chavez’s website to learn about her qualifications and areas of practice. If you or someone you know is in need of a psychologist in Kona, Hawaii, get in touch with her.

Project Completed: Sunshine Party Rental

Kona Impact is especially proud of our recent website launch for Sunshine Party Rental.

First of all, the owners, Jerimiah and Kahea, are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth business owners you will ever meet. Their vision for their business is very well thought out, and they are passionate about bringing fun and value families in Kona. While we hope for the success of every business we work with, some, like Sunshine Party Rentals, seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of others in terms of planning and ensuring that they develop their business in a responsible manner.

The second reason we love this site is that the subject matter–bouncers, castles and slides–afforded us with many design choices. The vibrant colors and availability of professional, high resolution photos made for what we feel is a very fun and colorful website.

So, if you have a part for some keiki coming up or if your business or church wants to liven up an event, give Sunshine Party Rental a call.

Project Completed: Mark Tomczak Fine Art

One of the things we believe strongly at Kona Impact is to avoid over designing websites. By this we mean, letting the content of the website become the focus instead of the design. Far too many websites fill the space with superfluous graphics and animation, which has the effect of making the content, the actual reason for the website, secondary.

A good example of letting the content become the focus is a recent project we finished for Mark Tomczak Fine Art. Mark is a talented local artist who wanted to create an online sales channel for his artwork. Until now he had no way to show his artwork to buyers and gallery owners around the world.

When we began discussions with him, we quickly found ourselves on the same page. Let the art speak for itself. With that as our goal, we worked with Mark to develop a site that was a clear and elegant forum to display his very colorful art. We went with a black background, intuitive navigation and an easy-to-follow check out and payment system.