Project Completed – Akamai Cleaning

Akamai Cleaning is a local provider of cleaning services for residential, vacation and commercial properties. In business for over 20 years, Akamai is the go-to business for Kona cleaning services.
We enjoyed working with Teri of Akamai Cleaning on the website. There were a few design and content-related challenges. First of all, we decided quickly that goal should be a clean, uncluttered website. The last thing we wanted to do for a cleaning services website was to over design the website and make it feel cluttered! The next challenge was getting a lot of content on the site without making it, again, cluttered. We did this by working with Teri to refine the essential message, and, where it was needed adding some accordion-like functionality to keep the design straightforward and easy to navigate. Check out this function on the cleaning services page.
We like to say at Kona Impact that just because we can over-design, doesn’t mean we should. Keep the message focused and let the design support the message is something we tell clients every week. Always think of the customer first: what would sell him or her on the product or service? That is, after all, the primary goal of most websites.

Akamai Cleaning