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Three New Kona Business: Find Something Special and Do It!

At Kona Impact we work with four hundred or so businesses a year. This includes off-island companies, some of the largest employers on Hawaii Island and a lot of small, single person businesses. At times I learn a lot from all my clients.  I also get to share a lot of what I have learned from running a business on this big rock in the middle of the ocean.

Many of the small businesses we work with are in start-up mode. They have an idea, sometimes not much more than some back-of-an-envelope notes. Many times they’ll have a full business plan.

One of the first questions we ask is, “how are you different from everyone else?” That is, if you are selling burgers, how are you different from Splashers, Island Ono Grill, Annie’s and the other burger shops in town? If an entrepreneur can’t answer that question in a good 30-second elevator speech, the business needs to be re-thought.

Here are three businesses we’ve worked with lately that have the idea of differentiation mastered. They have all thought about how they could be the go-to business for what they do.

Pacific Grill Services – 808-987-0128

If you make a list of what every household in Hawaii has, you’re likely to a propane grill on it. If you make a list of the things we like the clean the least, our grills have to be in the top five.

Mike and his wife started Pacific Grill Services last summer with the goal of providing non-toxic deep cleaning and repair services for grills. He went all in and has been hitting the pavement with his services and pitching them to all the right people in the right places.

This is a great example of creating a category or fulfilling an unmet need. I love the idea, and more important, I love how Mike has started to establish a reputation as the grill cleaning and repair guru in Kona.

Ehu and Kai – 808-328-8775

This is not a new business, but, instead, it’s a business in the transition from one generation to another. Ehu and Kai rents kayaks at Kealakekua Bay. They also offer guided catamaran tours.

Ok, you think, there are plenty of kayak rental places between Kailua-Kona and Kealakekua Bay. Yes, but you have to stop at these places, strap a kayak to your vehicle, drive 10 miles to the bay and then take the kayak off your vehicle, launch it into the water and then do the same thing when you’re done.

With Ehu and Kai, you can drive to their location at the bay, get into your kayak, enjoy some time on the water and then return your kayak to their location on the bay. No driving with a kayak on your vehicle or dealing with the hassles of loading or unloading.

This is another example of a highly differentiated business.

Island Holistic Healing – 808-209-8002

Dr. Tancheff, a chiropractor in Waikoloa, has two important points of differentiation: services and location.

One of the inexorable trends in healing these days is looking both East and West for answers. Pain, as we know, can have many causes and it makes sense to look at non-surgical and non-drug approaches first. Dr. Tancheff is uniquely qualified to help people explore these options through his understanding of physiotherapy and holistic therapies.

Island Holistic Healing is located in Waikoloa Village, home to a growing population of island residents, and his office is just a ten-minute drive from the Waikoloa resort areas. He is the only person offering this type of service within twenty miles.

If you are thinking of a new business idea, consider first how you can have a product or service in a location that offers you some advantages over the competition. Pacific Grill Service created a category; Ehu and Kai has a much better poduct/location, and Island Holistic Healing has unique services and a great location.

If you can’t find at least one meaningful thing that make you different, you might want to rethink your business plan. Note: working harder, longer and more efficiently are not points of differentiation; they are a recipe for burnout and failure in my opinion. Find some things that create a nearly insurmountable barrier to completion and you’ll find success faster and be able to maintain it longer.

Kona Impact | 329-6077

Big Banners Here – Next Day Service

At Kona Impact, we like to do business with our clients the way we like to be treated when we are the customer.

So, for example, we do not over-promise or misrepresent our products; that is, we don’t say our signs last forever (nothing does), and if a client does not have truthful information, we do our best to inform and educate him or her.

We also do not charge rush fees. Several companies in town will add 25% or even 50% to a project just because the client is desperate to get something done. We don’t do this.

One way we avoid problems with rush order is doing nearly everything in-house and keeping adequate inventory to handle rush orders. So, if a client needs a banner in a day, we’re ready, and to be honest, our costs are the same if we do it same or next day or in five days.

Below is a picture of a big banner we made for Tiki Shark, a well-known local artist. His work is awesome, and it is like no other.

We received the banner design on Sunday morning and came in to print it on Sunday afternoon. It dried overnight and we hemmed it and added grommets on Monday morning. It was ready for the client within 24 hours of getting the artwork!

The size, by the way, is 10 feet long by 4 feet wide: 40 sq ft.


There are a few places in town to get banners made, but be wary of up-sell charges for higher quality materials, hemming and grommets. These are all standard for us. Also be sure to ask about turnaround time; several local companies outsource banners and the turnaround time is more than a week!

Kona Impact | 808-329-6077 |

At Kona Impact we deal with maybe 250 businesses a year. Most of the businesses are well-run and provide a good living for the owner. We look at many of them and say, “good for them.”

A few businesses we work with every year, however, are businesses we would like to own. Some are just widely innovative and create a good lifestyle for the owner. Others are very profitable and do well for the owner.

One business that is innovative, provides a good lifestyle for the owners, and is profitable is Pele Plantations. They have taken a beautiful piece of land in South Kona, built a gorgeous custom home on it and have developed an innovative Kona coffee business that can be run from their farm. Few opportunities exist where you can live in paradise, grow gourmet Kona coffee and run a successful business from a very nice home.

If you have any interest in owning a home, farm and business in Hawaii, check out, Kona Coffee Farm for Sale.

Kona Coffee Farm for Sale

Kona Impact Prints Big Stuff

Need a ginormous poster, banner or sign? We can help!

Kona Impact has been making large signs, banners and posters for years. We can do up to 51 inches in one dimension and up to 150′ (yes, that’s feet!) for the other dimension. So, for example, if you want a 4′ x 6′ banner, we can do that! If you want a 4′ x 8′ sign, we can do that. Need a gigantic poster? We can do that!

Here’s a banner we recently outputted for a clothing company in Quebec, Canada. They needed a banner for a spa in Hawaii, but realized their shipping costs from Canada would exceed the cost to have the banner outputted in Hawaii. They gave us a call, sent the file and their banner was delivered to the spa in a few days–all at lower cost than they could do from Canada.

Kona Impact's large format printing

If you have a file you need outputted in Hawaii, or if you need us to create a design for you, give us a call at 808-329-6077 or send email to brian at kona (remove spaces)

J-A’s Auto Detailing in Kona, Hawaii

At Kona Impact we love working with entrepreneurs. There is nothing more satisfying than helping entrepreneurs–young and old–with the tools they need to succeed. We love to see hard-working people succeed and grow their businesses.

One person we’ve helped recently is Jon from J-A’s Auto Detailing.

When he came to us he had already attempted to put together his own website, but he quickly realized he could do much more with some professional help. The first thing we did was to get him a domain name that was easy to remember, describes what he does, and would do very well on the search engines. We settled on After that we worked with him to develop a website that showcased his work–auto detailing. That, to be honest, was not that difficult as he quickly assembled a strong portfolio of before and after shots of his work.

Here is his website

Kona Auto Detailing

Kona auto detailing

After working with Jon on his website, we were all impressed with his drive, dedication and commitment to do things right, so we hired him to detail two of our vehicles. Though we expected nothing less, we were highly impressed by the cleaning he did on a truck and a car. (The car was often used to transport a dog; after Jon’s cleaning we were unable to find even one dog hair in the car!)

Jon’s detailing business is mobile and he serves the Kona-Kohala areas of Hawaii Island. We cannot recommend him more highly. Visit his website and give him a call!

Project Completed: Kailani Tours Hawaii

One of the great things about working with local businesses is that we get work with some of the premiere service and product providers on the island. We can experience their professionalism, commitment to quality and truly understand who they are and what they hope to achieve with their business. It is often the case that we become their customers, not only because they have supported us, but also because we know and trust them to deliver quality. Such is the value of keeping it local.

Kailani Tours Hawaii is a provider of tour services in on Hawaii Island. The take their (mostly Japanese) visitors to Volcanoes National Park, the Kohala area and to South Kona. They are highly experienced, very knowledgeable and all-around great people. I recommend them without hesitation.

Kona Impact made their logo and their bilingual website. Built on a content management system and a tour reservation system, their website will be self-managed going forward. They will be able to change text, photos and tours without the need to hire a webmaster to make changes. This, of course, will allow them to keep the website, blog and reservation system up to date and fresh–a big plus for online marketing and customer relations.

If you are looking for a great tour company for your Japanese guests, consider Kailani Tours Hawaii. This is a very top-quality company run by professionals, one that we highly recommend.

Kailani Tours Hawaii

Kailani Tours Hawaii

Customize Your Ride with Kona Impact

Here is a vehicle we ‘blinged” with see-through window graphics. From outside the car–an awesome little Mini Cooper–there is a tiger on the window. From the inside looking out, visibility is not impaired. It’s see-through.

Kona Impact can do see-through graphics on any glass surface–car windows and store windows. It’s a great way to use your window to send a message, while at the same time still being able to look out and have light come in.

see-through window graphics

Kona Impact Release Android and ios Apps for

Kona Impact is proud too announce two new releases–an app for Android phones and an app for ios (iphone and ipad) devices. You can find find the Android app here and the ios app by searching “find coaches” on itunes. Both apps can be found and downloaded on your phone or mobile device. Both are free.

The apps are the world’s first coach directories on mobile devices. The coach directory has listing for Life, Wellness, Small Business, Financial, Retirement, Career, Spiritual, ADHD and more. People looking for a coach can use the app to find a coach in their area, or join the thousands of people who received coaching services via Skype or on the phone.

Coaches can get a free listing on the apps by joining There are free and paid options on the website. Joining will automatically put your coaching information on the website and on the apps.

Project Completed: Find Coaches

Kona Impact is proud to see the launch of Find Coaches. This website is a directory website for coaches–not the traditional type of “coach”-soccer, baseball, etc–but a new and rapidly growing field of personal coaching. This includes Life, Business, Wellness, ADHD, Retirement and many more avenues of personal coaching. These coaches are for people who want to achieve more, get focused and make changes in their lives.

The Find Coaches website is one of the most complex websites we have made. It’s a full e-commerce website with membership levels and recurring billing. So, for example, a visitor to the website can sign up for a membership level and be billed on a monthly, recurring basis. It was no easy task, and we do admit to outsourcing some of the programming, but the result is a website that is easy to use and an excellent marketing tool for coaches.

If you are a coach, you can sign up on the website for a free listing, or you can get two months free on our paid listings.

Find Coaches