Big Banners Here – Next Day Service

At Kona Impact, we like to do business with our clients the way we like to be treated when we are the customer.
So, for example, we do not over-promise or misrepresent our products; that is, we don’t say our signs last forever (nothing does), and if a client does not have truthful information, we do our best to inform and educate him or her.
We also do not charge rush fees. Several companies in town will add 25% or even 50% to a project just because the client is desperate to get something done. We don’t do this.
One way we avoid problems with rush order is doing nearly everything in-house and keeping adequate inventory to handle rush orders. So, if a client needs a banner in a day, we’re ready, and to be honest, our costs are the same if we do it same or next day or in five days.
Below is a picture of a big banner we made for Tiki Shark, a well-known local artist. His work is awesome, and it is like no other.
We received the banner design on Sunday morning and came in to print it on Sunday afternoon. It dried overnight and we hemmed it and added grommets on Monday morning. It was ready for the client within 24 hours of getting the artwork!
The size, by the way, is 10 feet long by 4 feet wide: 40 sq ft.
There are a few places in town to get banners made, but be wary of up-sell charges for higher quality materials, hemming and grommets. These are all standard for us. Also be sure to ask about turnaround time; several local companies outsource banners and the turnaround time is more than a week!

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