Customer Service – The Little Things That Matter

I’ve been thinking a lot about customer service lately. As such, I decided to take one day, a Saturday, and keep a look out for instances of awesome customer service. I didn’t consider things like “thank yous” and incentives; I wanted to identify three businesses that do things that have little or no cost, ideas that might inspire other businesses.
The first example I have Kona Veterinary Service. I have taken my dog there since she was a puppy, and have always been impressed with how they provide excellent care for my dog, including the time she needed emergency care after being attacked by another dog.
What impressed me on Saturday is a call I received that went to my voice mail. The staff was called to see how our dog was doing after two (routine) vaccinations on Friday. it was a simple gesture, but very thoughtful. It took maybe a few minutes of time, but it showed us their professionalism and their concern for our dog. it also showed that they cared about us as dog owners.
Later on Saturday, I was running around town and decided to go through the McDonald’s drive through and get an apple pie and a coffee. Routine, for certain, but the interaction was interesting. The woman at the payment window took my money–$4 for a $3.27 order-and then asked, “would you like your receipt?” Maybe I don’t go through McDonald’s drive-throughs very often, but this unexpected question got me thinking. Of course, I don’t want my receipt. I don’t think I ever need the receipt from a drive-through. It just would end up in my truck’s console. Not needed. Thanks for asking!
Finally, I was at the Aloha Theater at the end of a performance of “Evita”. Before many of the audience could get out of the theater, many of the cast went to the front exit and proceeded to thank audience members for coming and posed for photos. What a nice gesture; that is, thanking the people who make community theater possible–the audience.
I have always been a big fan of the Aloha Performing Arts Center (Aloha Theater), so much so that my business has contributed thousands of dollars of in-kind services. It’s a well-run group, and the performances are simply amazing. It’s easy to give to groups that do things so well!
When you’re out and about this week, pick a day and keep notes of what customer service experiences wow you. You might begin to make a list, as I have, of the little things that seem to make a big difference.

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