At Kona Impact we deal with maybe 250 businesses a year. Most of the businesses are well-run and provide a good living for the owner. We look at many of them and say, “Good for them.”
A few businesses we work with every year, however, are businesses we would like to own. Some are just widely innovative and create a good lifestyle for the owner. Others are very profitable and do well for the owner.

One business that is innovative, provides a good lifestyle for the owners, and is profitable is Pele Plantations. They have taken a beautiful piece of land in South Kona, built a gorgeous custom home on it, and developed an innovative Kona coffee business that can be run from their farm. Few opportunities exist where you can live in paradise, grow gourmet Kona coffee and run a successful business from a very nice home.

If you have any interest in owning a home, farm or business in Hawaii, check out, Kona Coffee Farm for Sale.