J-A's Auto Detailing in Kona, Hawaii

At Kona Impact we love working with entrepreneurs. There is nothing more satisfying than helping entrepreneurs–young and old–with the tools they need to succeed. We love to see hard-working people succeed and grow their businesses.
One person we’ve helped recently is Jon from J-A’s Auto Detailing.
When he came to us he had already attempted to put together his own website, but he quickly realized he could do much more with some professional help. The first thing we did was to get him a domain name that was easy to remember, describes what he does, and would do very well on the search engines. We settled on KonaAutoDetailing.com. After that we worked with him to develop a website that showcased his work–auto detailing. That, to be honest, was not that difficult as he quickly assembled a strong portfolio of before and after shots of his work.
Here is his website

Kona Auto Detailing
Kona auto detailing

After working with Jon on his website, we were all impressed with his drive, dedication and commitment to do things right, so we hired him to detail two of our vehicles. Though we expected nothing less, we were highly impressed by the cleaning he did on a truck and a car. (The car was often used to transport a dog; after Jon’s cleaning we were unable to find even one dog hair in the car!)
Jon’s detailing business is mobile and he serves the Kona-Kohala areas of Hawaii Island. We cannot recommend him more highly. Visit his website and give him a call!