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Earth Day at Kona Impact

We certainly do not claim to be a “green company”, but we like to say that we seek to reduce our impact on the environment. Here’s what we do:

1. All green waste–coffee ground, filters, banana peels, apple cores, etc.–is composted and used in our gardens

2. Paper waste is shredded and used in our worm farm, which then becomes nutrient-rich soil for our gardens.

3. All cans and bottles are recycled.

4. All newspapers are shared in the office (reusing) and eventually bundled and recycled.

These are the every day habits that are really “no brainers”–easy to do.

W also take a wider perspective on what we do.

As a wide format printer we make a lot of signs for businesses in the community. One thing we try to do is to recommend ways that banners can be re-used; for example, for a yearly event, we recommend just changing the date instead of buying another banner. We also make our banners out of top-quality materials, so that they will last a long time and need to be replaced less frequently. The same goes for our signage; focusing on quality is better for our clients and better for the environment.

We also feel that we can be greener if we fix instead of replace equipment. This often has a huge time cost, but it does seem to be the right thing to do.

Lastly, as online marketers and website builder, we feel that we provide tools and experiences for people to have less impact on the environment: virtual publishing versus printing books, shopping online versus going to a store, providing information that allows one to find it at home versus driving around and looking for it. Perhaps the best tools we provide are tools that allow others to communicate and collaborate at home.

While it’s not what many people think of as green activities, we believe that reducing what we use, using less, working smarter and having less of an impact on the environment are important.

Make Your Vehicle a Mobile Adverstising Platform

If you are a service-related business, especially one that drives around town, one of the best investments you can make is vehicle graphics. Simply put, a vehicle with graphics gets noticed, whether it is a vehicle magnet, applied vinyl or window graphics.

Here is a window and cut vinyl install we completed a few days ago.The material on the window is see-through, so the driver can see clearly out the back window and there are graphics visible to passer-bys. BTW, if you are looking for a top-quality cleaning service, you should give Kona Professional Housekeepers a call. There reputation is excellent in the community.

Kona Impact Appreciates the Ironman World Championships

The day after the Ironman World Championships in Kona, I meet a man at the dump who let it be known that he was very happy that the competition was done and everyone was going home. He then went on to complain how much he was inconvenienced (the dump, where I met him was closed one day). I mentioned that I was very grateful for Ironman. As a local small business owner, I did a lot of Ironman printing and signage. It was very good for my business, I told him. He then grumbled, “but think of all the restaurants that had to close” (for one day).

I did. In fact, I know the owners of a lot of these businesses. Not one of them was complaining. If fact, like Kona Impact, they were grateful for the extra business in the two weeks prior to and the days after Ironman.

Indeed, every business owner I know likes Ironman. The period from September to Christmas is a slow time for visitors to the island, and since the island keiki are in school, their parents aren’t spending much either. It’s just a quiet time, a time punctuated by the two weeks of Ironman when nearly every condo is booked, the restaurants busy, and every business associated with them has more work. The room cleaners have work, as do the taxi drivers, car rental agents, food suppliers, street cleaners, store clerks and just about everyone else in town.

Sure, we get it that some people are annoyed by the cyclists riding two and three abreast on the streets, and, yes, it’s a bit hard to get around on the race day. But, balance that with impact of having 1,000+ athletes and their supporters in town for at least a week, often longer. Also consider that over 3,000 local residents volunteer race day and the effect that has on building a better community and the Ironman Foundation makes very generous grants to many local organizations.

So, the next time you hear someone bad mouthing the Ironman World Championship, consider that there is a huge amount of workers, suppliers, volunteers, non-profits and business owners that disagree.

Mylist - Sponsor of Ironman World Championships

4 Foot Tall Foam Core Signs for Mylist

Beware of the Hidden Costs

I just saw an ad for a web design company that seemed to have a great deal – $999 for a website. Wow, I thought, not bad, but what’s the catch?

As I looked a little deeper we could see the catch, or catches easily. The first was “1 revision with additional revisions $75”. In the design world, especially the web design world, this is simply absurd. At Kona Impact we have literally done websites where there have been upwards of thirty revisions. A revision is simply a change, so changing a color, font, background, logo placement or word is a revision. It is inconceivable that a web design company would only offer one revision!

The downside for a client, the buyer, is that he or she will end up with a template website that is not customized at all. For one’s Grand Canyon family photos, this is fine, but for a professional business, one that wants to be found online and attract new customers, a template site is certainly not the way to go. In other words, you will take what they come up with, and because the revisions are cost-prohibitive, you will end up with something that is kind of like a pair of shoes that is two sizes too big (or small)–they may work, but they are not what you want.

At Kona Impact we never set in stone the number of revisions for website. In the end, we want the client to receive what he or she wants, and if it takes many revisions to get there–it usually does–we’re fine with that as we priced the project appropriately in the first place.

We don’t believe in hidden costs or using “bait and switch” pricing. Instead we come up with fair prices that allow us the time and resources to make a truly great website. The client wins because he or she knows the project cost at the beginning The client also knows  that revisions are part of the process and are not going to cost extra. We win because we plan for the time resources to get things done right.

If you’re looking for a great product, your website, and a comfortable process give us a call. Better yet, stop by our office for a free, no-hassle consultation (call first, though). 329-6077.

Buying Locally Versus Big Box Stores

One of our clients has a great way of describing the benefit of buying locally: raising the water level. By this he means that when our money is spent at a locally owned businesses the “water level”, the overall health and economic viability of all local business improves.

At Kona Impact, we see this every day. A dollar spent on Kona coffee, for example, is circulated through our economy by the retailer (which, in the ideal is the farmer) to farm laborers, coffee processors, farm equipment and supplies stores, and, yes companies like Kona Impact that provide design and marketing services to coffee farmers. Very little of the money that goes to a coffee farmer coffee leaves our community. The water level rises.

In contrast a bag of Starbucks coffee purchased at Safeway does very little to improve our community, as almost all of the economic activity that goes into growing, processing, packaging and distributing the coffee occurs off island. In addition, the profit from that coffee sale is mostly repatriated to the mainland.

A common misconception is that a “big box” store will have more selection than a local business. Here at Kona Impact, for example, we actually have a much greater variety of specialized wide format printing material than anyone is town. And, as a new client pointed out the other day, our prices are actually lower, our service is better and our turnaround time is much faster than the local big box store that has some overlap with us in wide format printing.

So, if you want to get something done better, faster, less expensively and support your community, give a locally owned business a call.

If you are looking for signage, graphic design, online marketing or web design services in Kona, Hawaii, give us a call: 329-6077.