Earth Day at Kona Impact

We certainly do not claim to be a “green company”, but we like to say that we seek to reduce our environmental impact. Here’s what we do:
1. All green waste–coffee ground, filters, banana peels, apple cores, etc.–is composted and used in our gardens
2. Paper waste is shredded and used in our worm farm, becoming nutrient-rich soil for our gardens.
3. All cans and bottles are recycled.
4. All newspapers are shared in the office (reusing) and eventually bundled and recycled.
These are the everyday habits that are really “no-brainers”–easy to do.

We also take a broader perspective on what we do.

As a wide-format printer, we make a lot of signs for businesses in the community. We try to recommend ways to re-use banners; for example, for a yearly event, we recommend just changing the date instead of buying another banner. We also make our banners out of top-quality materials so that they will last a long time and need to be replaced less frequently. The same goes for our signage; focusing on quality is better for our clients and the environment.

We also feel that we can be greener if we fix instead of replace equipment. This often has a huge time cost, but it does seem to be the right thing to do.

Lastly, as online marketers and website builders, we feel that we provide tools and experiences for people to have less impact on the environment: virtual publishing versus printing books, shopping online versus going to a store, and providing information that allows one to find it at home versus driving around and looking for it. Perhaps the best tools we provide are tools that allow others to communicate and collaborate at home.

While it’s not what many people think of as green activities, we believe that reducing what we use, using less, working smarter and having less of an impact on the environment are important.