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A Big New Sign in South Kona: Kona Gold Rum

Kona Impact has been working with Kona Gold Rum, makers of the best macadamia nut rum cakes in Hawaii, for many years. We have been very happy to see them grow, from a small bakery under the coffee museum in South Kona to their own location, across from Discovery Antiques (the red building on the makai side of Mamalahoa Hwy) in Kealakekua.

Simple put, the Kona Gold Rum story is one of  hard work, creativity and a lot of hours in the bakery. You can now see their cakes all over Hawaii, and, if you’re a Costco member, you have probably seen them giving out free samples. We are very happy to see this success story continue,  and we look forward to tasting some of their new products.

Kona Impact made a huge, 21 feet long sign for their new bakery. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very noticeable. Next time your going South on Mamalahoa (or North) stop by their bakery. Meet Kurt and Maria, and by all means, pick up a macadamia nut cake or two.


Kona Gold Rum just emailed the sign on their building.

Project Completed: Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill

Kona Impact is all about helping local businesses grow. We love it when we can sit at a table with a business owner and develop a plan that will help the business become more visible and tell its story better.

One recent Kona Impact project was a website for Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill. If you live in Kona, you know Jackie Rey’s. If you’re a visitor, you should know Jackie Rey’s, as it is one of Kona’s best restaurants for fresh island fare, great service and a happy hour that can’t be beat.

The Jackie Rey’s project was fun because, based on the owner’s (Paul and Angela) input, the website kept evolving and getting better with each iteration. That is, the client took our initial proofs, picked one, and then kept improving the design at each stage. The website, most would agree, looks awesome.

Another important part of the website project was Paul and Angela’s willingness to hire a professional photographer–Bob Brown. As you can see, great, professional photography makes a huge difference. We find that, almost without exceptions, hiring a pro will be one of the best decisions you will make (other than hiring Kona Impact).

Jackie Rey's

K.I.S.S. Sign Design in Kona

K.I.S.S. could be the tireless rock group, but at Kona Impact it means Keep It Simple S%^$#*. We say it just about every day, and the principle guides most of our design work.

In essence, it means that creating complexity in message, design, navigation, story telling, signage or just about anything else should be avoided whenever possible. Simplicity is divine.

The company that figured this out well before most other is, of course, Apple. Their products are sophisticated, technology-wise, but their interfaces to the users are clean, direct and intuitive.

A direct, clear message is essential with signage, a significant and growing part of our business at Kona Impact. Simplicity will almost always present a better user experience than complexity. A sign is not a business card. The goal is to provide direction, recognition or very basic contact information.

We all know this, but for some reason, when people start a sign they want to keep adding information-an address, a slogan, an image, etc–thinking that these things will make the sing look better. Maybe, but the more you add, the smaller everything else has to become, eventually muddling your primary message.

Here is a cut vinyl sign we made the other day for Hokulani Arts and Creative Learning Center. It’s simple. The information is clear. There is a high degree of contrast between the text and the background. There are only a few colors and all the fonts are simple, sign-appropriate choices.

If you are interested in a sign that is effective, give us a call at 329-6077. We make banners, see-through signs (for cars or windows), cut vinyl signs, A-frames, posters, wall signs and more.

Project Completed: TEX Drive In

There are a handful of restaurants on Hawaii Island that every knows: Ken’s (Hilo), Jackie Rey’s (Kailua-Kona) Huggo’s (Kailua-Kona), Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai (Waimea), Krua Thai Cuisine (Kailua-Kona) and TEX Drive In (Honoka’a).

Interestingly, Kona Impact has done work for all of these restaurants over the years. Recently, we completed a website for TEX Drive In.

Famous for inexpensive “ono grindz” (tasty local food), TEX Drive In has been a landmark on the Hamakua Coast for over forty years. While the food is quite tasty, they are best known for Malasadas–a Portugese doughnut-like treat that can be filled with chocolate, cream and a host of other yummy fillings.

We were fans of TEX Drive In long before they became our clients. Without exception, every time we would drive by, we stopped for lunch, dinner or some Malasadas. It is a great place to stop as your circle the island.

Our goal with the website was to capture the essence of their location–awesome blues and greens from the land and sea. Other features include full menus–in English and Japanese–and an interactive map.

TEX Drive In Hawaii Restaurant

Project Completed: Hokulani Arts and Creative Learning Center

“There’s nothing to do!” “I’ll probably just sit around and watch TV all summer.”

Summer vacations in Kona can either be a time to learn new things, a chance to explore Hawaii and meet new friends, or it can be a time when kids “hang out”, get into trouble and generally waste the days away.

One of the summer programs we came across recently is the Hokulani Arts and Creative Learning Center in Kailua-Kona. The summer programs are designed for teenagers, with a plethora of activities planned for each session. We sincerely hope that a lof Kona teans check this out and participate in at least a session or two.

Kona Impact designed the website and programmed the custom online registration form.

See-Through Window Vinyl

There are few things more cost-effective for promoting a local business than than vehicle graphics, especially in a town, like Kailua-Kona, that is very vehicle-dependent. Whether it is a trip to Costco, a local restaurant or the gas station, our trucks and cars are how we get around. So, why not make your vehicle a “mobile marketing machine”?

There are many options that won’t break the bank:

1. vehicle magnets – About $100/set. These are nice if you are looking for something that is removable and re-positional.

2. semi-permanent vinyl – Great for a company car or van. Long-lasting and can have any graphics or logo you desire.

3. see-though window vinyl. These can be printing with any graphic or message and allow the driver to see clearly out the window. This material is expensive, but it’s an awesome way to have your vehicle provide visibility for your business.

At Kona Impact, we specialize in working with small and medium-size businesses in Kona, Hawaii. We seek to provide cost-effective solutions with attentive and responsive customer service. When you’re ready to grow your business give us a call at 808-329-6077.

Innovative Business in Town: Kona Family Fishing Charters

Part of what we do at Kona Impact is working with businesses on their online marketing needs. This include search engine optimization (SEO), setting up ad campaigns and general consulting for online marketing. Many of these clients come to us with a pre-existing website or involve us at the early stages of their website design process. We do not require that the website be designed by us.

One innovative local business we have assisted in this way is Kona Family Fishing Charters. Their specialty is, of course, family fishing charters. They have assembled a small, select group of fishing charters that welcome family charters, and most importantly, have boats and personalities that make for a great day on the water for resident and visiting families.

Not only have they focused on an under-served group of tourists, they have focused on charters that are truly family-friendly. It’s easy to say anything about a charter operations, but the owners, Dennis and Lee, have a level of understanding about the Kona fishing fleet that is unsurpassed.

They only choose the best, and invited that select group to join their fleet.

It can’t be emphasized enough that all boats and captains are not equal, and there is a lot of value in having an insider’s knowledge when selecting a charter boat in Kona.

Kona Family Fishing Charters

Project Completed: High Noon Sportfishing

There are many charter boat operations in Kona, Hawaii, but few that we would recommend to serious fishing enthusiasts. High Noon is one to recommend.

Experienced, patient and genuinely an enjoyable person to be around, Captain Dee offers an excellent (and in Kona terms affordable) big game fishing adventure in Kona. While it’s called “fishing” and not “catching” everyone wants the best opportunity experience the best of what the Kona coast has to offer.

Kona Impact worked with Dee to develop a new site that presented his business well to those online. Of particular importance was integrating the Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor social media on the website and creating an easy to use blog system that would allow him to update his site with ease. There are few, if any, web sites for Kona fishing charters that integrate all these elements.

High Noon Sportfishing

Project Completed: Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai

I think there has been no business in recent memory in Kona that has drawn more interest than Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai. Sam is synonymous with Hawaii regional cuisine, and many locals felt despondent (yes, I’m serious) when his restaurant in Kona closed several years back. Every Kona Impact client that we knew we were working on his website asked incessantly: “when is it going to open?”

Well, the good new is here: Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai is now open! If you are one of the two people in Kona who do not know the location, it’s located above the Keauhou Shopping Center in the location what was once a Wendy’s.

Kona Impact put their menus on their website a few days ago, completing the website, and we could not stop talking about the variety and, at least for lunch, the great prices. Dinner is a bit more expensive, but with it’s great sunset views and awesome menu choices, it’s worth it. We will be there on Monday for lunch.

Kona Impact’s role was to develop the website. We sought to highlight the food, while at the same time keeping the essential information–phone and location–easily accessible.

We are excited to welcome Sam Choy’s Kai Lanai to Kona. It certainly feels a void in that area of Kona, and, truth be told, Hawaii Island.

Completed Project: Country Samurai Coffee

One of the great things about working with food and drink producers is that we, of course, get to taste the goods. We have enjoyed the macadamia nut rum cakes, sushi, paninis, Indian food and desserts we have tasted on the way to creating the logos, signage, websites and print collateral for the businesses with which we work.

One of our favorite types of businesses we love working with is local farmers, more specifically, Kona coffee farms. For those in the know, Kona coffee is simply put some the best coffee in the world. We say this as avid roasters and drinkers of coffee. Our small office goes through a pound a week, sometimes more. In an year, we probably taste twenty different coffees.

Country Samurai is local coffee farm located about five miles from our office. Located at the perfect elevation in the Kona coffee belt, this farm produces some of the best of the best Kona coffee.

We spent a lot of time working with the owners on their website, and we can say, with equivocation, that this is one of the most serious (in terms of quality) operations out there. From growning humungous trees (most prune extensively to help picking) and putting truckload after truckload of mulch in their fields, Country Samurai does not what is convenient; it does what is right.

One thing you’ll notice about the website is that it is fully bilingual–Japanese and English. This was a particular challenge for the Kona Impact team, as we, in effect, had to put everything in twice, content-wise. In the end, we’re excited about the result and are sure it will bring Country Samurai some good results.