Innovative Business in Town: Kona Family Fishing Charters

Part of what we do at Kona Impact is working with businesses on their online marketing needs. This include search engine optimization (SEO), setting up ad campaigns and general consulting for online marketing. Many of these clients come to us with a pre-existing website or involve us at the early stages of their website design process. We do not require that the website be designed by us.
One innovative local business we have assisted in this way is Kona Family Fishing Charters. Their specialty is, of course, family fishing charters. They have assembled a small, select group of fishing charters that welcome family charters, and most importantly, have boats and personalities that make for a great day on the water for resident and visiting families.
Not only have they focused on an under-served group of tourists, they have focused on charters that are truly family-friendly. It’s easy to say anything about a charter operations, but the owners, Dennis and Lee, have a level of understanding about the Kona fishing fleet that is unsurpassed.
They only choose the best, and invited that select group to join their fleet.
It can’t be emphasized enough that all boats and captains are not equal, and there is a lot of value in having an insider’s knowledge when selecting a charter boat in Kona.
Kona Family Fishing Charters