K.I.S.S. Sign Design in Kona

K.I.S.S. could be the tireless rock group, but at Kona Impact it means Keep It Simple S%^$#*. We say it just about every day, and the principle guides most of our design work.
In essence, it means that creating complexity in message, design, navigation, story telling, signage or just about anything else should be avoided whenever possible. Simplicity is divine.
The company that figured this out well before most other is, of course, Apple. Their products are sophisticated, technology-wise, but their interfaces to the users are clean, direct and intuitive.
A direct, clear message is essential with signage, a significant and growing part of our business at Kona Impact. Simplicity will almost always present a better user experience than complexity. A sign is not a business card. The goal is to provide direction, recognition or very basic contact information.
We all know this, but for some reason, when people start a sign they want to keep adding information-an address, a slogan, an image, etc–thinking that these things will make the sing look better. Maybe, but the more you add, the smaller everything else has to become, eventually muddling your primary message.
Here is a cut vinyl sign we made the other day for Hokulani Arts and Creative Learning Center. It’s simple. The information is clear. There is a high degree of contrast between the text and the background. There are only a few colors and all the fonts are simple, sign-appropriate choices.

If you are interested in a sign that is effective, give us a call at 329-6077. We make banners, see-through signs (for cars or windows), cut vinyl signs, A-frames, posters, wall signs and more.