Ways to Sell More Online, part III – Create Content

Content, meaning words, pictures, or video, is essential for two reasons: 1) getting new customers to the website, and 2) providing information to those who do come.
Nothing is more powerful than words on the page to be seen on the search engines. No content on your website equals no visibility on Google.
We often have potential clients who express frustration about their online visibility. The conversation usually goes something like this:

John: I have a website, but I am not found online: Ok, What do you want to be found online for? What words, when “googled”, do you want to be visible for?
John: Well, I want to be found for “xyz” and “abc”.
Us: Do you have those words on your website?
John: Ughhh, I don’t think so.

Without the keyword for which you want to be found on your website, there is no chance of being found for them. That said, if you stuff your website with keywords in a way that Google finds excessive, you’ll have the opposite result: being penalized and de-listed by Google. Balance is the key, so you want to hire a company like Kona Impact to ensure that you take a reasonable, prudent strategy with your content creation.

Business owners need to develop a content strategy, which should include content on your website, blogging, social media posts, and off-website content creation and distribution. Sit down with a professional online marketer and develop a plan. The money you spend on planning will make your content creation more effective and efficient.

Selling online is never easy; the competition is usually fierce, and learning the rules for online marketing can be time-consuming and challenging to figure out. If you’re serious about selling stuff online, spend some time learning from those who are already selling online successfully. If you’re in Kona, Hawaii, call us at Kona Impact!