Business Boom in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii?

“Times are tough. Business is bad. People can’t find jobs.” This is what we heard day in and day out a few years ago.

“We’ve doubled our staff.” “We’re opening a new location and are looking for another.” “Do you know anyone who is looking for work?” This is what I’ve heard from clients just today.

Yes, business is picking up very rapidly in Kona, Hawaii. We’re not out of the woods yet, but everything looks very promising.

Kona Impact is in a unique position to feel the changing tide. When businesses come to us, they are looking to their future. How can they attract new clients? How can they reach new markets? How can they allocate their marketing dollars and energy away from traditional print media like phone books and newspapers and reach customers online?

Business owners come to Kona Impact when optimistic (often for very good reasons).  Almost none are desperate. Instead, we see leaders in every sector of the economy, from tour operators, farmers and restaurateurs to builders, service companies, and small manufacturers.

The one common denominator of most of our clients is a desire to affect their future.

At Kona Impact, we see this optimism every day. Many of our clients who have retracted a bit are expanding. Many new businesses are finding great opportunities to carve out a niche.

What will the future hold for Kona, Hawaii? We are highly optimistic for the next few years. We have no idea beyond that, but we would indeed “bet the ranch,” so to speak, that we are on the cusp of a moderate expansion in economic activity in Kona.
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