Twenty Businesses that Nobody Seems to Be Doing in Kona, Hawaii

Now, more than ever might be the time to develop a small business in Hawaii. There is plenty of office, industrial and commercial space with more becoming available soon. We’ve all be struggling through the pandemic, and, perhaps some have come up with some good ideas.

I have no interest in pursuing these ideas myself, but I have often thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have xyz in Kona?

Here are twenty small business ideas, and, as far as I know, nobody is doing them:

  1. Maker space. 
  2. Virtual reality space
  3. Business incubator space
  4. Grill cleaning service
  5. Indoor shooting range/archery range
  6. English language school ESL students
  7. Tutoring center/dispatch for local students
  8. Photography tours
  9. Walking tours
  10. Healthy home auditor/consultant
  11. Home energy auditor/consultant
  12. Home gardening auditor/consultant
  13. Electric vehicle distributor
  14. Big Island grown weekly food delivery service
  15. Relocating to Hawaii advisor/consultant
  16. Teen recreation center
  17. Working adult career skills center
  18. A good bakery
  19. A self-service car wash/boat cleaning station
  20.  Indoor trampoline/child recreation center